lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - W

WORSHIP (FRA) "LAST TAPE BEFORE DOOMSDAY..." Demo 99. Extreme Doom that is well done and transcendental with good sound of depression and majesty, good Death grunts but I don't like that speaking voice, sounds too much weak human... Fans of THERGOTHON, EVOKEN, ESOTERIC and other funeral deadly things should worship WORSHIP! It is maybe the first time I receive a Demoon of Doom like that from France with really good instrumentations, heavy guitars, keyboards & depressing, deranging melodies... All tunes were done in only one week, 100% well executed & recorded right in-the-kult! Listen in absolute underground darkness, I'm lighting a candle now...DOOM! IMPALER OF TRENDIES Prods: c/o MAXIMILIEN VARNIER, 161 AVE. ALSACE-LORRAINE, 52100 ST-DIZIER FRANCE. (last news is that Max commited suicide in June 2001... but the WORSHIP LP will see the light as he recorded the drums & voice before joining the beyond...R.I.Hell)

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