jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - Q

QUEIRON (BRA) “YOU’D BETTER LIGHT A CANDLE INSTEAD OF CURSING THE DARKNESS” 7”EP 97 GODLESS. This is absolutely a cult piece of underground Death Metal, solos of Death that remind me old IMMOLATION, fast & original Death Metal with that raw sound I worship like on the first Krisiun album but QUEIRON differs for that they remind me of INFERNAL & GODLESS TRUTH too! Old-school and not sounding like every band because they are talented & famous at their songwriting, unpredictable ungodly riffs & ideas flows abundantly through their raw & ripping brutal tunes, two songs that are damn long and varied, interesting as Hell! Bringing back the essence of Pure Death when everybody forgot it, it’s time to praise high the Brazilian warriors for their undying dedication at creating pure Hell & total Chaos through a style that they really understand how to play it, I’m lighting a candle & evoking the Demons of Supreme Death... BUY OR DIE!! GODLESS Recs: A/C OTAVIO PEREIRA, RUA HONORATOM, ALEXANDRE 115, ITACORUBI – FLORIANOPOLIS / SC 88034-000 BRAZIL.

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