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Demo reviews - D

DAMNABLE (POL) Promo Reh. 2000. Do they return as brutal as they were on "Inperdition"? That's a question that burns in me! The answer is: not really... Still very extreme & brutal as Hell, tight as fuck, etc. Just imagine SUFFOCATION faster and more grinding, unrelenting with the same professional quality! This band can kill and bury many brutal US Death/Grind bands, they have an awesome potential of apocalyptic energies, simply incredible, inhuman and supreme! That rehearsal is a must, it sounds ten times more brutal than some newer albums out these days!! The raw energy proves that they don't cheat and don't betray with this recording, it is really how they sound Live!! If you had doubts about their performances, thinking that in studio they could arrange it to make it faster, you wrong completely because DAMNABLE is a real true Brutal band! These 4 tracks pulverizes all that has been done until now, they now reign supreme on my Throne of Grind Eternal!! BUY OR DIE!!
DAMNATION (POL) "DEMONSTRATION OF EVIL" Tape 2003 TIME BEFORE TIME. There's been a while I haven't seen anything new from DAMNATION since "Coronation" MCD, no signs of life... This tape is a reminder of their early days, including "Everlasting Sickness" first Demo feb. 93 and "Unreleased Rehearsal" recorded in feb. 94. 6 trax on a-side & 9 tracks on b-side including intros/outros on pro b/w tape & cover. The die-hard fans now knows from where to get their unholy Evil underground stuffs, DAMNATION is a cult Dark/Death Metal band and so is Time Before Time recs, this tape of course is interesting for the maniax and all true Death Metal fans everywhere: BUY OR DIE! TIME BEFORE TIME Recs: c/o TOMASZ HANUSZKIEWICS, PO BOX 66, 41-923 BYTOM POLAND.
DEAD CONGREGATION (GRE) "PURIFYING CONSECRATED GROUND" Tape EP NUCLEAR WINTER. Fuckin' cool, true Death Metal that sounds a lot similar to KAAMOS & old MORBID ANGEL! Pure Evil Death that rages with intense riffs & great obscures feelings that old bands like SADISTIC INTENT and IMMOLATION are now known to be famous when creating such doomed atmospheres! I quickly changed opinion about Greek bands as I only received a couple of crappy gore death demos bands that were amateurish and so I didn't care about the scene from down there but DEAD CONGREGATION reconciles me completely! Obscure & professional Death Metal from the dark side, this Demo turned me on and I felt so excited that I played it constantly for a while! If you're into DARKNESS ETERNAL & INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, KAAMOS, etc. this will rule your world for 666 centuries, as real underground Death/Doom Metal never dies! Excellent quality pro tape, etc. BUY OR DIE!!!
DEATHEVOKATION (USA) "BLOOD" Demo 2005. Taking their name from the first song on Dismember's 1988 Demo and having such an excellent Medieval intro to their songs somewhat like first Sinister or Massacre, Demolition…, you might only say that this band is made for you! And it is with old-school spirit that DEATHEVOKATION write their music, heavy & doomy Death Metal in the likes of old BOLT THROWER, EXCRUCIATE, EPITAPH (Swe), UNLEASHED, old AUTOPSY… Obscure and oppressing with some acoustic guitars the Canadian way and occasionally old Swedish melodic riffs. When the trend is about blasting faster & faster or trying to be the most technical fiends in the scene, there will always be bands like DEATHEVOKATION showing the new comers how it must be done: from the heart comes true Metal and from the heart comes "Blood"! These guys play with their own souls and the result is nearly 25mn of old Death Metal spirit excellence like you haven't heard in years & years, so hail them, horns up & BUY OR DIE! c/o GOTZ VOGELSANG, 8118 LA JOLLA SHORES DRIVE, LA JOLLA, CA. 92037 USA.
DEATH VOMIT (RUS) TAPE LP 93 METAL AGEN/MOROZ. I reviewed this in issue #5, but it's so good that I reiterate! Death Metal can't be purest than what DEATH VOMIT played, all old-school freaks will agree with me, this contains all the essence of a damn forgotten tradition: blasting & thrashing all around! There was real great obscures arrangements & solos into this Cult Tape of Death! Plus, they were truly original, you can feel influences from DEATH, NAPALM DEATH, VADER, CELTIC FROST, SLAYER, NECROPHAGIA... All the fuckin' best of the old times!
DECAYED (POR) "LIVE 9/9/99" Live Tape 2000 IMPALER OF TRENDIES. This is very professionally released with pro-printed b/w cover and pro dub tapes. I remember this band had a good CD "In Lustful Mayhem" '95, I know they had some other releases out since then but this is the only thing "new" I got to hear from them, thanx to Max of I.O.T. for sending this. This is Black Metal, fast & Extreme, completely unrelenting and breeding pure Chaos & Destruction, hateful and Dark as Hell's carbonization. The band now uses a drum-machine and this Live recording shows exactly what they sound alike, they're tight & Evil and the sound is great, better than some other "official" recordings! Parts of Classical music can be heard between the 7 songs, the last one being played backward and fucking heavy & abrasive, in the vein of old mighty Sadistik Exekution, EVIL! A great piece of total underground blasphemy highly recommended to all real Black Metal fans. V.S. JOSE, R. L. CAMOES, AT ARCOS, PENEDO 2775-235 PAREDE PORTUGAL.
DEFACING (CHILE) "THE BEGINNING OF HUMAN CRUELTY" Demo 2003. Newly signed on Xtreem music, this Chilean band is fuckin' awesome, brutal & Extreme, they remind me of AGONY CONSCIENCE by their intensity and they do leads as w-Hell!!!!!!! I consider them more original & precise than all of the DEVOURMENT, DISGORGE (US) and BRODEQUIN, DYING FETUS clones, they sure know what they do and there's something more in the voice, not the typical pitbull barkings, DEFACING are real Extreme & incredibly disgusting in every aspects and most of all fuckin' brutal as all Hell, awesome band and that is only a 4-tracks Demo that crushes many other brutal Death/Grind albums! They'll for sure win supreme respect in the scene after this: BUY OR DIE!!!
DEMIGOD (FIN) Demo Reh. 10/09/91.
DESANCTIFIED (USA) "MANIFEST IMPERIUM" Demo 94. An old Demo is always welcome here as long as it blows away many newer pretentious bands that failed to sound awesome and as this one's completely unknown, this was another good reason to talk about it for sure!! I must say this isn't one of the most tight nor best Demos of all times but there's something in it that appeals to me... May it be for the haunting vocals or the sound of the Deicide-alike guitars/drums & apocalyptic speed of light leads, this band had something unique talking about Evil & guttural atmospheres. Not far to be a perfect destructive Brutal Death Metal Demo in my opinion, this simply must be heard!
DETRIMENTAL (USA) Promo tape 98. Only 1 tx... but that's enough to forge a solid opinion! Brutal Death, new-school with a shredding raw sound almost saturated, it's very pounding, groovy-technical & twisted like REPUDILATION, keep an eye on this grinding-as-fuck band!
DIKTAT (FRA) Demo 2000. Here's a real surprising french band that doesn't sounds like the actual trend of funny grind porn gore noise that's happening these days. It's real Brutal Death Metal here, played with rage & skills, intense & captivating with their above average musicianship, technical level and most of all, they're original, tight & really extreme & fast! Argh! That was a real cool surprise to see it arriving in my mail box unpretending to be the best like it is so often the case now... DIKTAT deserves to be acclaimed, I suppose there's a lot of work & many practices hidden behind this Demo because it's excellent!!! I can't compare them with other bands, they're quite unique at what they do, many twists & turns give their compositions a touch of pure excellence, good strong vocals and all the musicians did a great job, there are many solos as well, so I'm filled up with full of talented dark energies to close this review by a BUY OR DIE!!! This is the perfect band that the french scene was in need of for years. (At least, I would say that they are our french SUFFOCATION, Live they killed!!) c/o ALEXANDRE GODEST, 24 RUE CASTAGNARY, 75015 PARIS FRANCE.
DION FORTUNE (Swe) "Black ode" Demo 93.
DISINFECTED (INDO) "MELTED" Tape LP 2000 EXTREME SOULS. Another Indonesian warrior playing in the old CRYPTOPSY, old DEICIDE & old SUFFOCATION veins, many blast-beats and very fuckin' raw sound, it sounds a lot like the Canadian Death/Grind hyperblasts styles and this is well played, the tape is extremely professionally made as always from Indonesia, this is definitely a trademark of non-disappointment! The vocals sometimes don't fit with the music in my opinion, a more enraged vocalist could make the whole thing sounding better because he sounds not inhuman enough for me! I also like those solos from the crypts, another good barbaric band in the brutal scene, "South Of Heaven" has been revisited to their sauce and it has to be heard, great haunting song! Fans of old SUFFOCATION won't be disappointed, BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 49, UB. 40600 BANDUNG INDONESIA. or: E.S.P.: PO BOX 7665, BDSE BANDUNG 40286 INDONESIA.
DISINTER (PERU) "Unborn" Demo 97. This is always a surprise to discover a new band especially from Peru where I only know MORTEM! Cool to see that they aren't alone in their country to play old-school Evil Death Metal, abundant flows of leads in what can be considered as an intro-track started this darkened ceremonial! The bass was too up front with the drums in my opinion but this gives more reliefs to their catchy rhythms & basic/primary & barbaric Death Metal from the caverns. The sound is quite good and the band plays well, they also offer some sombre arrangements, they aren't as great as MORTEM but they sure are on the good way to follow this same path. The music is well varied and gets even more interesting at each new song coming in through the speakers of Death, the vocals are plain Evil grunts & screams..., my ears had to adapt this uncommon diabolical discovery, definitely enchanted by what I have heard, BUY OR DIE!
DISPLACED PERSON (JAP) Promo tape. This includes "Motive" and "Hurry Up And Appear Outside", certainly two of their latest releases. The style of DISPLACED PERSON is modern Thrash/Grind/hardcore trendy with those shit vocals that I dislike. The music is very basic, linear, repetitive and sounds like all the other bands in this boring style with sometimes experimental industrial tekno sounds. Very powerful and brutal but not extreme enough, I need a plus. c/o NORIO KUMAKAWA, 3-8-12 MOTOOUKUBO, NARASHINO CHIBA 275-0012 JAPAN.
DOMAIN (Mex) "Deadly torture to the rot self" Demo 99/2000 AMERICAN LINE.

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