lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - M

MANGLER (RUS) "Are you ready for something like that" Demo 99 BLACKSMITH.
MANTRA (INDO) "Fragment Of Vengeance" Demo 2000 BASID Ent./KGM. Another Death/Grind apparition from Indonesia, this isn't bad but I'm bored of too much bands playing this style trying to do what Devourment achieved, MANTRA aren't sick enough yet in my opinion but this is promising, I just hope they'll go for something more personal next time, fans & freaks can try a listen with this no problem! The vocals are original, not the typical guttural frog vomit, it's just a stronger & deeper voice, a SUFFOCATIve one... The music showed some limits in creation anyway but it is well rhythmed & blasted.
MASTECTOMIA (POL) "SUBCALLOSAL AREA" Promo 99. Grind from Poland... This European country has an awesome Death Metal scene but when it comes to Grind, it's hard to find out an extreme, truly brutal band and MASTECTOMIA is unfortunately no exception...and undoubtedly the same thing is happening in many other countries. Old DEAD INFECTION alike, really too fucking classic & déjà-vu. While they play it well with an acceptable level, they can't keep pace and I can't see them becoming a new revelation, I will let this for the freaks of this average & repetitive childish style. c/o MAREK PLEBAN, REYMONTA 1/23, 18-400 LOMZA POLAND.
MENTALITY (Slo) "Teonanacatl" Tape LP 2000 IMMORTAL SOULS.
MESSIAH PARATROOPS (Fin) "The other gods" Demo 92.
MORBID SAVOURING (FIN) "AUTOPSY LUST" Tape EP 99 HARBINGERS OF VAGINAL EXCORIATION. Finland definitely awakes to brutality again like it was the case in early nineties! MORBID SAVOURING performs a Death/Grind style that is not excluding the old NAPALM DEATH, old MORTICIAN influences but with a real drummer and the so old NECRONY & IMPETIGO, in fact it's more Grind than Death as the songs (18 in total!) are all short & right in the pussies. The Porno-Gore imagery reminds me of the MEAT SHITS too, so you know what to expect now, the sound is raw & grindy, the band has qualities & is morbid enough to be able playing tight which is something required especially when playing such basic/repetitive tunes at the speed of light! The band isn't that original as many sound like that today but the professional cover & artworks are good, you know those collages like Carcass did but in the vein of Extreme Masturbation, this means with b/w porn pix inside, a world full of cunts! This one's not fun and offers some good moments of Extreme & wild blasting Grind the way I dig it, that's how it must be done! BUY OR GRIND! c/o VILLE PYSTYNEN, SÄNKIKATU 9, 53500 LAPPEENRANTA FINLAND.
MORBIFIK (INDO) "GRADUALLY KILLED IN TORTURE" Tape LP 99 ALUZZA. Second time featuring in my Zine with a new effort and better performed than the previous Tape, it now sounds like the old & now cult TERRORIZER, very similar! The old raw sound, putrid vocals and good quality of intense old-school Grindcore, nothing really new nor groundbreaking but that’s damn well played from the heart & souls, they obviously give themselves 100% into what they do, not some lame craps kidding on grindnoise garbage, this is going somewhere and doesn’t sounds childish or trendy, this is brutal & devastating, just how Grind must be: Extreme. As you might know now, I’m not too fond of Grind styles, many bands are disappointing and aren’t as great as some people want us to believe..., but I enjoyed the fact that MORBIFIK don’t repeat themselves over & over with the usual trendy blast-beats, they have many more to offer: breaks, twists & turns, unholy accelerations within their structures that don’t sound hardcore/punk like so many do, plus the use of some fast Death Metal riffs & unpredictables arrangements helped to get more pleasure off the music, making it more extreme & original than the average and filling me with an intense malignant power. Sure the band has to work again some aspects but I mainly detected a great potential in this new effort, this has to be heard ‘coz they are on the good way to win many new Grind/Death fans worldwide, support them!
MORPHEUS (USA) "Corpse Under Glass" Demo 92.
MORQUIDO (JAP) "Human Bretzel" Demo. I like hearing stuffs from Japanese bands, they’re always surprising & original but this one's pretty average Grind/Death and does not deserve a good review…I won't remember of them after some weeks.
MORTAL DECAY (USA) "Brutalizing Creations" Demo. Humph, this was certainly a great Demo, unfortunately I have a real bad deaf sound, certainly copied from a copy of copy of copy... but this will not alter my judgement, that was in the same spirit of the previous Demo only more technical & twisted, a foretaste for what then became "Sickening Erotic Fanaticism". I must tell that this Demo had an ultra-heavy vibe, a production similar to INSATANITY and very memorable riffs!
MORTAL DECAY (USA) "Grisly Of Aftermath" Demo. We couldn't find this brutal Demo out there, only had to get it from tape-traders just recently! It was a great morbid & guttural Brutal Death, deep Zombie-vocals (better than Avulsed) like Impetigo & Repudilation and definitely very original, catchy materials, obscure sound & dark moods like old HYPOCRISY's "Osculum Obscenum", it's always better discovering it late than never!!
MORTAL SLAUGHTER (POL) "Destiny" Tape LP 91 CARNAGE. Poland has always been a Death Metal country breeding tons of excellent bands with true underground feelings, MORTAL SLAUGHTER was one of them with their Slayerian kind of Death Metal with more insane vocals a la Evil Chuck Schuldiner (RIP!) and music a la HOBB'S ANGEL OF DEATH. No needs to say that this style will rule forever! Some cool arrangements here will be forever remembered, such as this instrumental similar to MORBID ANGEL's "Desolate Ways", Hail MORTAL SLAUGHTER!
MOTOR DEATH (INDONESIA) "DESPAIR" Tape 98/99 EXTREME SOULS. Grinding Death Metal band here with quick technical riffings like Suffocation but with different vocals, they sound like Barney. Abusing the blast-beat drummings like in old Brutal Truth and old Cryptopsy, sometimes gets boring because of that linear blasting spirit, all songs seem to be the same... That was not an easy listening but the band is real good & professional, very tight in hyperblasts, they really know what they do. All Grind/Death Metal fans should try these newly spawned infernally intense unrelenting brutallers! Not for pussies, BUY OR DIE! c/o RATNO / YANA, JL. TAMAN SARI ATAS No. 9 A / RT. 04/RW. 14, BANDUNG 40116, WEST JAVA INDONESIA. EXTREME SOULS Prods: PO BOX 7665, BDSE 40286 BANDUNG, JAWA BARAT INDONESIA.

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