samedi 10 avril 2010

Demo reviews - B

BESTIAL MOCKERY (SWE) "WAR: THE FINAL SOLUTION" Demo 2000 IMPALER OF TRENDIES. This is some good raw Black Metal tunes in the old vein, a little thrashy/heavy and aggressive, totally out of trends but has too much of these punk/hardcore beats & riffs, sometimes these are really disgusting for me. The band is good at what they do anyway this just isn't my cup of blood & war. I'm not fond of this today, maybe you will. LGH 462, SVEDJESTRÅKET 4, 45172 UDDEVALLA, BOHUSLÄN SWEDEN.
BEYOND SERENITY (GER) "PRODUCT OF CIVILISATION" Demo. Interesting Demo of fast and catchy as fuck, tight raw old-school Death Metal with a thrashing speed a la old SLAYER, old VADER & old MASSACRA, very efficient and memorables riffs, they'll slash your neck! It also has an old Napalm Death and Master vibes with blast beats and unholy accelerations, their old heavy & deaf sound is also not of this time, more from the eighties, you know, loud drumming and ripping/eviscerating guitar sound with a crushing bass from Hell! That's damn well produced right in the tradition to keep the cult of the dark feelings alive! The vocals are very original, similar to the old Vader Demos but higher and a little more roaring for better raging effect! It is quite excellent to hear that they do not seem to have recorded this Demo in the nineties, it really sounds like an old Demo of 15 years of age, same pounding nuclear atmosphere, not some bullshit retro-thrash! True fans of ancient Death/Thrash speeding holocaust might adore this band forever, BUY OR DIE!!
BLASTER PAIN (Bra) "Thou art pain" Demo 2000. Brazil has a famous underground Death Metal culture, here comes BLASTER PAIN with a 3-song Demo of fast & technical Brutal Death a la old CANNIBAL CORPSE and some other old Deicide & Tampa's bands. This is well played and contains some generic & predictables riffs but I think in the future they'll try more extreme structures because it's very promising & sounds really professional, they showed here that they got the potential to grow more famous, some arrangements remind me of Luciferion and the Diabolic's "City Of The Dead" Demo but devoid of leads, anyway very catchy and obscure, the songs are long, this pleased me very much, a cent per cent pure Death Metal Demo, BUY OR DIE! a/c FABIO, R. OSVALDO DE ANDRADE, 193/438 ATUAL, CEP 09894-070 SAO BERNARDO DO CAMPO S-P BRAZIL.
BLEEDING (BELARUS) "Donors" Demo 2000. A brutal Death band with an everage sound but they're original, not revolutionary but they got uncommon riffs and they don't try to go at the speed of light, they're much more focused on bringing weird atmospheres within their songs than to blast & blast all the time. The influence is obviously smelling the CANNIBALesque CORPSovitch syndrome very much, some quick technical riffs & similars arrangements proved it. They also remind me of old UNDERCROFT's Demos too. Just another good band in the underground, for the CANNIBAL CORPSE fans of course!
BLOODSHED (FRA) Demo 2000. I heard them on a comp tape few months ago that did not make me forget about their name, here's a complete Demo to make a definite opinion: the sound is very heavy and haunting like early Incantation's recordings and so are the vocals too. Musically a mix of Death/Grind, old-school styled that doesn't mean they can't go fast, they do the job pretty well and you sometimes feel like listening to an old Napalm Death or old Massacre recording. Their game is tight, heavy and crushing with a decent mix. Really good first effort, each song is different from the other and they all captured that old-school morbidity, this sometimes reminds me of INNERFEUDS at some points and it's a fuckin' cool Demo but I'll wait for a better sound, promising anyway! c/o SEBASTIEN ESCALIER, 26 AVE. GAMBETTA, 34500 BEZIERS FRANCE.
BLOODY SIGN (FRA) "DYONISOS CONTRE LE CRUCIFIE" Demo 98. I'm listening to it after listening to their "Estonian Sessions" MCD, I checked it out from an MP3 trader… It was already a damn promising Demo! Fast and Brutal with rage and hatred, the band was already very tight and ready to hit the underground scene with their Dark Death/Black fury! No doubts that in 1998, there were not so much bands in France that could top with their own brutality, a killer & ravaging/consuming Demo!
BUTCHERY (USA) "Necropsy pROfane" Demo 92. Some fast & ripping Death Metal tunes here with a damn raw sound, not really essential but played tight with some grind influences here & there, had its moments and can only please the real Death Metal freaks into old CANNIBAL CORPSE & MASSACRA.

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