samedi 10 avril 2010

Splits & Comp CD reviews - G

GOLEM/NAUSEOUS SURGERY (Bra/Bra) "Tetric/The monger desire" Split CD 93.
GOREDOMINATION Comp CD 2002 AMERICAN LINE/ALARMA. This comp is a gift to all Grind/Gore ears of Death!! Many unknown bands performing brutality in their own way, let's start with TERRORIST and their great Death/Grind like old BRUTAL TRUTH/TERRORIZER: c/o VICTOR FRANCO, PO BOX 125, 81663 WAD SAN MIGUEL, BS. AS. ARGENTINA. Then FEEBLE MINDED with a fast & aggressive Death/Grind attack that sounds like no one else with drum machine? c/o PAVEL SATRA, NA PATKU 882/11, 33701 ROKYCANY CZECH REPUBLIC. Pure heaviness is what PLASMA is made of, basic & simple like Mortician but lacks of tightness unfortunately...: c/o MARCUS SMOLAR, KOPERNIKUSSTR. 19, 65929 FRANKFURT GERMANY. PURULENT offers a Death/Grind tune similar to DISGORGE & DEVOURMENT: ARKARIUZ are grinding ferocious with an aggressive sound, quite good tune! CHRIST DENIED keeps going with the hyper-low-bru-gut-turality: PO BOX 50562, 28080 MADRID SPAIN. INNER WAR is something more Death Metal than the rest of the bands, technical and very catchy: 809 TOWERING OAKS, JACKSONVILLE, ARK. 72076 USA. MORBOSIDAD are quite heavy and deserves some more words from me! Obscure approach and fast accelerations makes this tune unforgetable: 1090 CENTRAL BLVD, HAYWARD, CA. 94552 USA. GOREOPSY familiar name to me, this is heavy & gory in the american style with drum machine: OSIKOVA 11, 01001 ZILINA SLOVAKIA. KABAK read the reviews elsewhere: WORMED tried to copy the american brutality of DEVOURMENT & succeed: PO BOX 36063, 28020 MADRID SPAIN. DISTRAUGHT performs Grind/Death in the basic & primitive tradition like Mortician & old Deteriorot: A.P. 1-513, GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, CP 44101 MEXICO. BRUTALITY REIGNS SUPREME is the new name of SEXORCIST old Dutch band, they got here two tracks of fast Grindcore in the old vein of course: ENTHRALLMENT also performing basic riffs but more groovy in the american trend: W.T.N. is a fast Grind band and convincing enough but repetitive, repetitive, repetitive...: c/o DAEMON, BLK 447, BRIGHT HILL DRIVE, #11-121, SINGAPORE 570447. MIXOMATOSIS isn't the kind of band I do like, too fun grindnoise...: C/SANT JAUME 14, 43392 CASTELLVELL DEL CAMP, TARRAGONA SPAIN. DEAD MEAT are grinders with keyboards and drum machine? APARTADO 195, 600 C. BRANCO PORTUGAL. CABAL performs decent Death Metal in the CANNIBAL CORPSE vein with a small sound: ABSEMIA are pretty killer in the SUFFOCATION vein and well performed, great! c/o DANIEL MANSILLA, WERNIEKE 967, CP 1607 BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA. COFFEE GRINDERS got an old sound for their old traditional Grindcore: c/o JARO, UL. STAFFA 10/27, 18-400 LOMZA POLAND. OXIDIZED RAZOR got the same intro as one of old Mortician' song, their sound is very cavernous & primitive, I like that, their music is more or less Impetigo alike just a little faster: c/o AARON F. SILVA, APDO POSTAL #150, CP 57000, CD. NEZA MEXICO. TU CARNE also performs something morbid & similar to Impetigo: PO BOX 3286, 03080 ALICANTE SPAIN. and finally GOREROTTED to terminate this comp with Death/Grind pride: PO BOX 18516, LONDON, E 11 3 UJ, ENGLAND. You can order this brutal underground comp directly from AMERICAN LINE Prods: c/o JOEL MORALES CASTRO, PO BOX 20-465, MEXICO 01001 D.F. MEXICO.

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