jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - V

VOMITO (BRA) "GORE MUTILATION" 7"EP 2001 FUDGEWORTHY. Another Grind/Gore band from this mad label! Is there anything worth checking out? VOMITO sounds quite average while the sound is ok, it doesn't offers good materials, I mean thousands of new young bands play this kind of Grind now, so this is not extreme enough doing what IMPETIGO & CARCASS did more than ten years ago...this is boring!! 8 STEVIN DR., WOBURN, MASS. 01801 USA.
VOMITORY (SWE) "1989-1999" Pict. 10"LP 2000 FADELESS (strictly limited to 667 copies!). 10 years anniversary for VOMITORY and this picture disc is a great gift to all those who still appreciate true Death Metal these days! Some songs are old-school sounding, in fact only one track is newly recorded from 1999, it's "The Art Of War", there's also an old track from Demo 1992 and another one from that same year never recorded before. Two cover songs of Napalm Death & Sodom enhanced this definitely wonderful 5-track vinyl of Death soon to be a precious collector, BUY OR DIE! It's also maybe one of the last release from Fadeless Recs since Wilko is now working for Hammerheart Recs in a sub-label called The Plague and many great extreme Metal releases will emerge from this newly born activity among others the re-release of some Death Metal albums recently out on Red Stream, Metal Age, Olympic recs... To know more you can write now to THE PLAGUE: PO BOX 277, 6300 AG VALKENBURG THE NETHERLANDS.
VOMITORY/MURDER CORPORATION (SWE/SWE) "WARNING! VOMITORY GOES PUGH!/PROCREATE INSANITY" Split 7"EP 98 HANGNAIL. This Split EP I bought at one of DERANGED's gig, finding rarities out on vinyl is again a good reason to move your ass to a local show! VOMITORY got here one track "The Voyage" from their last album "Redemption" and another that seems to be an unreleased cover song called "Dinga Linga Lena" and sounds like punk to me... This band reminds me a lot EXCRUCIATE and BOLT THROWER with their epic feelings entrapped in strong Death Metal obscurity. Highly recommended, BUY OR DIE! MURDER CORPORATION also got that punk/rock/heavy Metal edge with good Death grunts and old raw Thrash sound. Their two tracks feature on their new album and I do prefer the VOMITORY side but MURDER CORPORATION also offer some good brief solos with quality... HANGNAIL Prods: BOX 2032, 99401 WEIMAR GERMANY.

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