jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - A

ABSCESS/DERANGED (USA/SWE) Split 10"MLP 2001 LISTENABLE. Oh, what can you expect, he? Simply blood, death & putrid flesh of the dead... Both bands got 3 tracks each that did not appear on their two respectives albums: "Tormented" & "III", just unreleased tracks taken from these recording sessions, so it's a great gift! Of course in the same way of the albums, but DERANGED got more of a 70's influence, so BUY OR DIE! ABSCESS: PO BOX 2257, BENECIA, CA. 94510 USA. DERANGED: c/o RIKARD WERMEN, ANGAVAGEN 2, 24562 HJARUP SWEDEN.
ANAL VOMIT (PERU) "FROM PERUVIAN HELL" 7"EP 2002 LEGION OF DEATH (limited to 300). The band hails from Peru as the title says it and plays old-school semi-Black Metal tunes in the SARCOFAGO spirit, true Thrashing Black Metal like if that was recorded in 1986. The band is dark, tight & goes right to the point, obviously doing their music seriously, not some kids jumping on a new bandwagon and that is a good thing, old-school fucking rules & fumes from a Dark Peruvian Hell, true maniacs with leather & spikes of the première heure: BUY OR DIE! c/o ROY ELGUERA, URB. EL PACIFICO MZ "E", LT-15, LIMA 31 PERU. L.O.D. Recs: BP 394, 86010 POITIERS CEDEX FRANCE.
ANTAEUS/AOSOTH (FRA/?) Split LP 2002. Seems to be recorded Live concerning ANTAEUS' side which delivered some fast chaotic Black Metal tunes with a sound similar to some cult Australian Extremities...! The sound is raw as Hell & furious nuklear destruction emanates from this Live performance, those who like it raw might rejoice. AOSOTH on the other side are offering some other classic Black Metal tunes, also with a raw sound but obviously recorded in a studio and a little less extreme than ANTAEUS, I'm not too fond of this one, too much predictable in my opinion.
ANTAEUS/NECROPHAGIA (FRA/USA) Split 7"EP 2001. Here's definitely a consecration for ANTAEUS sharing their vinyl with such an old cult band that is NECROPHAGIA! ANTAEUS are fuckin' fazt Black Metal with somewhat of a "Nuklear" edge like BLASPHEMY or SADISTIK EXEKUTION, the riffs are repetitives but they have it done for sure. As for NECROPHAGIA, I definitely don't like their rock'n black newer style, I'll stay fan of "Season Of The Dead" for eternity indead!
ARGHOSLENT (USA) "TROOPS OF UNFEIGNED MIGHT" 7"EP 2000 HORROR. True Metal Battle warriors are back with two new tracks recorded in Hell (Live) March 19th 1999. Still in their own style of course, this band will never change for anything! You've got the Death grunts, the melodic/epic ancient Heavy Metal moods and the Black spirit of War! Raw sound yet of very audible quality for a certainly one-take recording which is very well performed. This isn't real extreme musicwise but they damn got strong feelings and know how to compose & create excellent moods through variations of structures, the scene needs more recordings like this, this band is absolutely great, BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 393, OAKTON, VA. 22124 USA. HORROR Recs: JOERGENSGAARD 49B, 1.-4, 6400 SOENDERBORG DENMARK.
AUTOPSY (USA) "Live from the death" LP 91. Live in waters club SAN PEDRO CA 30/03/91, I love bootlegs of old Death Metal bands on vinyl especially when the sound is quite good and this is the case here! AUTOPSY ruled with their unequalled doomingness, yet today, they're still the kings of filthy underground Death/Doom Metal from Hell with eternal riffs!! BUY OR DIE!

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