lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - G

GERBE OF LIFE (FRA) Promo CD-R 2000. Ok, this is in the vein of their influences: NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, DISRUPT but with french lyrics. This is well done but gives absolutely nothing new as they completely copied (cloned?) these bands without bringing something their own and the social texts bored me to death… This CD-R includes html files that looks like a website and you can watch it even if you're not connected to internet like me. Good production & entertaining for those who like this kind of music, unfortunately not my case but this is well done with a good quality sound. Catchy old-school grindcore for the freak of the freaks only! c/o SEB, 10 RUE MOLIERE, APPT. 2C, 59000 LILLE FRANCE.
GONKULATOR (USA) "SECOND WAR IN HEAVEN" MCD 2001 FUDGEWORTHY. I was a little bit interested by their first CD, I had detected great insanes & Evil vibes in their rawer than raw Black/Noise, this one's even better, still shredding sound & noisy, doomy grind as the coals of Hell, they also improved as musicians, it's going somewhere & saturates the flesh of the holy spirit by demented vibrations & atmospheres, fuckin' noisy & blasphemous!! I won't say that I'm a huge fan of this band but they sometimes recall the old VENOM spirit-sound into their rancid tunes of distorted amputations, horrible & cacophonous Black, Doomy raw Metal from the real underground like you've never heard before! They consider themselves playing in the vein of Blasphemy & Beherit but they're definitely different. 8 STEVIN DRIVE, WOBURN, MA. 01801 USA.
GOREROTTED (UK) "MUTILATED IN MINUTES" MCD 2000 DEAD AGAIN. This fuckin' kicks ass! 9 tracks for 26mn but for this short time I consider it as a MCD, it's Death/Grind/Gore the American way & quality with an excellent production and a Death Metal sound. I don't like those high vocals as always, they should keep up with the growler only because he has a good guttural death grunt, that's just my opinion anyway. Otherwise, it's heavy, fast & brutal like if Macabre were more extreme & less funny. If you worship american bands for their brutality & musicianship, so there is no reason for you to do not like this English perversion full of zombiefucking artworks! Old CRYPTOPSY alike with some old CARCASS, MACABRE & DEHUMANIZED + old & new CANNIBAL CORPSE = GOREROTTED! It is incoherent to see that Desecration got censored and GOREROTTED didn't even with more offensive music & artworks as such! Another great reason to support the real extreme: BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 18516, LONDON E11 3UJ ENGLAND.
GORGASM (USA) "Bleeding Profusely" MCD 2001 EXTREMITIES. Due to the real short playing time, I felt obliged transfering it to the MCD section but the band offers here greater extremes (within their obvious DEEDS OF FLESH similarities) than many other bands around in the fast & Brutal Death Metal kind, they offer great variations & skilful abilities with also a certain SUFFOCATION/CRYPTOPSY/old KATAKLYSM/old DEICIDE & DYING FETUS influences, yes: they crush, pound, kill & brutalize to the point of "Bleeding Profusely", they're at the top of that new generation of Extreme Death Metalizations. Other well-selling known magazines will certainly categorize them in the Death/Grind styles, fuck 'em all, this IS Death Metal of high caliber: heavy, fast, technical & brutal as Hell with a penchant for some killer twisted melodies like the unbelievable number of Canadian bands performed these last years and hopefully will continue some more years again!! As an evidence, this deserves a BUY OR DIE!! Profusely! By the way, shame on them as they never answered to my interview, fuckers!

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