jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - P

PROFANITY/LIVIDITY (GER/USA) "DROWNED IN DUSK/THE URGE TO SPLURGE" Split 7"EP 2000 UNITED GUTTURAL. PROFANITY got here a superb new track called "Drowned In Dusk", a pure brutal & intense Death Metal one! This is really fast & extreme, technical and I must say higher in every aspects than the tracks on their first album, this really leaves no sweet moments and offers a lot of breaks, leads & darkness...! Also performed a great cover version of "The Exorcist" from POSSESSED's "Seven Churches" cult album, excellent performance that blows away the old Cannibal Corpse version playing it at the extreme speed limit!!! BUY OR DIE! c/o THOMAS SARTOR, JAHNSTR. 5, 86399 BOBINGEN GERMANY. LIVIDITY came in with a cover of IMPETIGO's "Bloody Pit Of Horror" and two new tracks that Grind the classic old-school trendy way with only a few simplistics riffs/song, nothing to make my head explode, really... That's good anyway but boring & could be more extreme for sure, I really don't like the screaming vocals in their Grind, I'd prefer it 100% guttural. Many old bands from early 90s already did this 1000 times pretty well, so if you need another: PO BOX 3325, PEORIA, IL. 61612 USA.
POSSESSED/SIDE EFFECT (USA/USA) Split LP. No further infos about this release, just the two bands have common members and it's probably 4 rehearsal songs featured here as the sound is quite cheap! But I like that as you might know it now! Some other songs have been recorded in a studio, certainly unreleased studio sessions. Old-school fuckin' rules because even with a raw saturated sound, the bands are good and they can have the worse sound of the universe, they'll be good to listen to anyway anytime, that's why I like more old bands than newer ones: they simply bring more feelings to their songs, case closed. BUY OR DIE!!!
PULVERIZER/CREMATION (Hol/Hol) "Slave grinder EP" Split MLP 2000 T.M.R.

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