lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - E

E.C.T. (Fin) "Life is death" Demo 92.
ECLIPSE (RUSSIA) "SYMPHONIYS OF PATHOLOGICAL LOVE/CALLING OUR DESIRE" Demos 96/98 BLACKSMITH. I rarely got the opportunity to hear some Death Metal from Russia and it's good to see that definitely everywhere is Death! Not a super-fast band but they blast decently and doesn't sounds cheesy nor funny, very catchy and brutal enough to please the worldwide Death Metal fan-base 'coz very American sounding, not moshing but technical materials, definitely skilled and interesting band. Just the sound is a little poor & deaf but that's ok with me as long as there's good materials recorded that surrounds it...
EMBALMED SOULS (BRA) "BECOME VENGEANCE, BECOME WRATH" Demo 99. Great second Demo! Very fucking dark & morbid raw sound, heavy as Hell sounding like if that was recorded in a cavern! Ultra guttural voice in the old Gorefest's "Mindloss" vein but lower, old-school tuned, sort of old Celtic Frost but more haunting & dooming horrorful music this way of IMPETIGO, HARDWARE, Mortician, Mythic, Derketa, Decrepit, My Sovereign, ASPHYX & Disembowelment with those slow and deadly beats...! Without using any special effects, this band can create various sordid atmospheres, plus this Demo was recorded Live, this shows more their abilities to create their own style of Dark/Death/Doom Metal with a crude, direct sound that will tear your soul apart! Once again a very long Demo and pretty inspiring tunes were captured, enough to engrave a remembrance in the flesh & soul of the listener!! The cover art by Wes Benscoter is one of the most bizarre & weird ever seen, long live the arts of Death! BUY OR DIE!! c/o PAULO, QI-05, CONJ. "I", CASA 85 - GUARA I, BRASILIA - DF 71020-094 BRAZIL.
EMBALMED SOULS (BRA) "JOURNEY THROUGH BIZARRE" Demo 97. Pretty standard & classic dooming, Dark/Death/Doom Metal that reminds me the old days of darkness, I enjoy this a lot but it could be better played in my opinion, they're just good at their game and there's again a step with the sound to see them becoming excellent. If you can't get bored of late 80's/early 90's Death Metal classics, then I recommend to take a listen to EMBALMED SOULS' long Demo, good trip in DOOM!
EMBODIED GRIEF (GER) Demo 2001. Death Metal with some evilness, very twisted with bizarre breaks, this sounds like if that was recorded Live, lots of cool memorables riffs. This is definitely very original, if only the voice could be less hardcorish, it will be great as it's sometimes similar to Gorguts, not all the time as the band is totally unpredictable and I can't say they're influenced by a particular band, I would say they're influenced by many underground Metal styles, so this is for open-minded Metal freaks, very promising!
ENTHRALLEMENT (Bulgaria) "The scarlet difference" Demo 99 Dark Mist.
EPITAPH (USA) Demo 91. Very cool Demo of true burning Death Metal from Tampa, this sounds like old MONSTROSITY & old DEATH but more doomy like old MORGOTH & old OBITUARY for the vocals, original leads & twisted ambiences, they were as great as the aforementioned bands, the damn great sound of Morrisound studios never failed even for the Demo recordings! Tom Morris was responsible for this great job but also because the band was as fine as professional too, three tracks that will forever stay in the anals of the underground!
EPITAPH (USA) Demo 92. Another Demo by EPITAPH showing a more experimental stage, a step ahead from the previous one, more unpredictables arrangements and technical abilities... Damn this band had great feelings & potentials to rise among bands like DEATH, ATHEIST, OBITUARY, NOCTURNUS & MALEVOLENT CREATION, these two tracks were certainly a foretaste for an upcoming album but unfortunately never seen anything released by EPITAPH but was it released at least...???? That's the eternal question burning within me!!
ETERNAL DARKNESS (SWE) "Ceremony Of Doom" Demo 1 / 90.
EXCARNATED (AUSTRALIA) "GENITAL GALLERY" Demo 99. Those dark Death grinders are back with a second brutal onslaught still with drum machine but also faster and more technical than before. As of now, their style is comparable to CYANOSIS' "Bludgeoned" Demo with the ROTTREVORE, MORTICIAN, MYTHIC and old GRAVE's undergound heavy sound, it rips & shreds! Far more brutal than their debut! This is damn good to hear them evolving more extreme, they also got 4 new tracks ready to record now with more darker lyrics: "Autistic Dementia", "Purging The Earth", "Bred To Brutalize" and "The Ugly (Caustic Thoughts)". They will also be doing the Slayer classic "Kill Again". Can't wait to hear for more brutal tunes from these guys, excellent improvement! BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 5407, MORDIALLOC, 3195 VICTORIA AUSTRALIA.
EXKREMENT (FRA) "FROM THE DEEPEST OF ASSHOLE" re-release of Demos 95-96 FWP. I'm a lot suspicious concerning this band… First the name isn't really interesting but I remember of a finnish band that was called EXCREMENT and it was interesting musically, so let's give it a try! Well, unfortunately that's some boring melodic-hardcore-punk-goth metal with synths & drum machine, it's well done but such buffonery doesn't inspires me. Just the sound reminds me a lot of Demos from early 90s when the huge melodic trends invaded the scene, it frankly isn't my taste at all. At least I'll give them credit for that their name relates to the content and is truthful: pure shit… c/o THOMAS BERNOLLIN, EN BOUT, 71700 TOURNUS France.
EXORCIATE (USA) "Dead molestation" Demo 92. Quite brutal & heavy Death Metal Demo, at the time it was recorded, it sounded really brutal like old CANNIBAL CORPSE and old IMMOLATION, morbid and truly obscure like no bands do today, sometimes makes me think of a little less extreme version of ENTETY, damn good Demo!
EXPOSED GUTS (GER) "ULTIMATE GORE ASSAULT" Promo 99. This Thrash/Death band sounds like old INHUMATE. They used a Mortician alike drum machine for this promo but they said that they got a human drummer now, the mix is not well done for that all of the songs don't have the same production and the music is very classic and predictable... I'm not into this basic stuff, it seems that I have already heard this a thousand times, this is boring and forgettable, avoid it. c/o MARKUS LEMPSCH, OP'N SPITOL 22, 59065 HAMM GERMANY.

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