lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - W

WOLFEN SOCIETY (USA) "CONQUER DIVINE" MCD 2002 HOUSE OF DEATH. Featuring members of INCANTATION (drums), ACHERON (bass, vocals), DARK FUNERAL (rhythm guitar) & THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB (lead guitars/keyboards, samples) resulting in something similar to ACHERON's Hellish ambiences, I thought it was more Black Metal but it's a kind of Death/Doom/Black Metal band. Very atmospheric parts among satanic riffs and obscures moods. I only checked this out because of Kyle Severn playing in it. So, WOLFEN SOCIETY has more in common with ACHERON musically, it's deadly, Dark Metal to the bones with influences from Black & Death Metal & a little of everything doomy & atmospheric. That's cool to listen to as it delivers a sombre mood from Hell but it's definitely very common nowadays to hear such basic tunes, a tad more extremities in music would have been welcome in my opinion. PO BOX 28234, COLUMBUS OH. 43228 USA. PO BOX 4288, 10266 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN. HOUSE OF DEATH Recs: PO BOX 2892, JOLIET IL. 60434-2892 USA.
WORMED (SPA) "Floating Cadaver In The Monochrome" MCD-R. No date for this but judging by the style, it's certainly from 2000-2001: Brutal grinding Death a la DISGORGE (US) with vocals a la MORTICIAN, the new trend for this new millenium! 4 tracks of ectoplasmic vibrations that are played real well considering this is a Demo-CD, the band do the job pretty well with a decent professional level, good raw sound and catchy, tight musicianship, better structured & more mature than a lot of other young bands, WORMED really stands above the average flood of mass-Death/Grind bands popping up everywhere. This is soon to be a famous name in the underground, if I was you, I'll keep an eye opened for this band.

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