lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - O

OBLIVEON (CAN) "WHIMSICAL UPROAR..." MCD 97 RED STREAM. Re-edition of their second legendary Demo recorded in September 1987 restored & remastered in 1997. Three tracks of cult & morbid Thrash/Death like it was only done in the old days when SLAYER, HOBB'S ANGEL OF DEATH & NECROPHAGIA ruled the underground with absolute dark spirit of Death!! BUY OR DIE BY THE SWORD OF CULTISSIM THRASHING DEATH METAL SPIRIT!!! c/o STEPHANE BELANGER, PO BOX 100, SUCC. C, MONTREAL QUEBEC CANADA H2L 4J7.
ONI (AUSTRALIA) Promo MCD-R 2001. Backward intro/outro of a japanese theme...? Brutal tunes then once again echoed from the underground pits of South Australia, seems to be a hot place in flames! Don of Martire/Slaughter Thou performs in this god damn band too and these four songs + intro are gonna be released soon as a Split CD with Jesus Anal Penetration on Dead By Dawn, a sub-label of Dissident Recs. ONI's very own style can't be compared due to its originality and unpredictable deliverance of Extreme Metal magick! Is there anyway some Human Remains, Nokturnel & Ripping Corpse influences...? Definitely yes, that's at least what I think personally: twisted & technical vibes make me think about these unique purveyors of Extreme Metal brain-cells regeneration! Impressive materials on this Promo disc; including many boiling leads and skeletal bones-drumming with charred bass sound & tomb-voice from below as well as a notable Misery's "Revel In Blasphemy" similar heaviness in some parts of the songs, all in all an excellent underground production of that obvious old-school style playing with fineness the absolute necessary evilution rising from the non-trends basis! ONI obviously reaches the ultimate culmination in that inverted world called Hell! Their Evil tunes have reached me & all those of higher state of mind shall not be denied by this new band completely devoted to Metal Extremes! Originality of Chaos reigns supreme, BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 238, FINDON 5023 SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

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