samedi 10 avril 2010

Splits & Comp CD reviews - J

JESUS ANAL PENETRATION/ONI (AUSTRALIA/AUSTRALIA) Split CD 2001 DEAD BY DAWN. First off, I had the surprise to see that there's a multimedia track with videos, bios & pics for each band, just insert this disc into your PC and you'll get the flash! J.A.P. offered here a brutal slab of blasphemic Death Metal with some grooves & blast-beats à l'américaine! Raw underground production & moshing the bones of jesuschrist with an appreciable dose of old BAPHOMET, old INTERNAL BLEEDING & old DYING FETUS. A powerful blast to slay the Beast that is in you! PO BOX 551, ELISABETH S.A., 5112 AUSTRALIA. As for ONI, this features the tracks off their Promo 2001 and I still think 666% what I have written about it! But which band do I prefer you may ask? Well, it's simple: ONI for sure rules by their technical approach & definitely their unpredictables twists & turns makes their side pretty much more interesting & impressive in a completely different Evil Metal style compared to J.A.P., not saying that J.A.P. sucks, they simply can't compete with the immonde Lord ONI!! Chaining fast & mid to slow moments, they really captured the Morbid Spirit & a true Metal essence flowing deep in real skilled Extremities, if I had a label, I would sign ONI without hesitation, 'coz this THE perfect band: BUY OR DIE!! (I just find too bad that the Japanese outro cuts before the total fading end...) PO BOX 238, FINDON 5023, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

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