lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - L

LEAD (USA) "MEDITATION OF FLESH" MCD 99 Self-prod. Okay, another good American blast in the vein of TON, DEEDS OF FLESH, DYING FETUS & old CRYPTOPSY just they don't go hyperfast all the time but more original in their way, including some small melodic passages and unrelenting technical drummings. Sounds fucking great and they impressed me at first encounter, truly original & technical materials will always make mediocre bands ashamed, that's why we must support bands like LEAD, BUY OR DIE!!! PO BOX 24411, OMAHA, NE. 68124-0411 USA.
LOBOTOMY (Swe) "Holy shit" MCD 2000 N.F.R.
LUST (MEX) "IN THE NAME OF PLEASURE... IN THE NAME OF LUST" MCD 2001 AMERICAN LINE. It is described as a Thrash Metal band like in the old days, I'd say yes but with a shitty screaming black metal voice, definitely not for me! The music fits the description but lacks of tightness, will not shadowing bands like Exciter nor Master that's for sure, some good structures but nothing to stimulate my old-school organs, average.

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