mardi 30 septembre 2008

Symphony Of Grief - Demo 93

There's been a while I had this in my mind, it is now time for exorcising S.O.G. as it was one of the rare bands having this heavy crumbling vibe of Death/Doom/Grind in the veins of Immolation, Incantation, Necrotion and Disembowelment, having a drum-machine added to their music an apocalyptic vision, also having John Litchko (lead guitar of Necrotion/Perverseraph) in the line up forced my utter admiration!
They first had this Demo out under the name Cerberus then changed to Symphony Of Grief.
The last news I had in early 2000s was from Andy Markert (Bass/Vocals/Percussions samples) and a supposed reunion album was scheduled but to this day never happened...
I have seen this Demo posted in another blog but the intro was missing so here it is fully ripped from the original by myself, so enjoy again or discover now the true sound of apocalyptic despair and darkness!

1.Infernal Creation

2.Assimulation Of Souls

3.Cerebral Hemorage

Demo 93

Symphony Of Grief - Immortal Suffering Promo Tape 93

This is the tape that ended later as the "Regurgitated Corpses... Drowning In Sorrow" 7"EP on Gutted recs. The sound on this was more saturated than the original 7" but I offer it anyway:


2.Ritual Disembowelment


Symphony Of Grief - Regurgitated Corpses... Drowning In Sorrow 7"EP 94 Gutted

Here's this infamous green vinyl from utter hell and its legendary two songs with better quality sound than the Promo Tape:


2.Ritual Disembowelment


Symphony Of Grief - Memorium Split 7"EP 95 Grinding Peace

Coming out in 1995 on Grinding Peace recs owned by the guys of Malicious Hate.
The track of Memorium ended as ghost track on Malicious Hate's In The Name Of Hate CD and the S.O.G. track ended on their Our Blessed Conqueror MCD with an additional intro called "Spectral Voice".

Memorium (US)
1.Tranquil Paradise (7" Edit Mix)

Symphony of Grief
2.Immortal Fluids


Symphony Of Grief - Our Blessed Conqueror MCD 95 Wild Rags

Their final release, the sound was more thin than their Demo & 7"EP but great soulful songs featured on it:

1.Toth Amon/Your Fallen Domain

2.Wars of Vengeance

3.Cast Upon Flames

4.Spectral Voice (Intro)

5.Immortal Fluids


Throne Of Nails - Ascension Demo 98

Not so many people know this band, they have released one hell of an album called "Acts Of War" in 2002. Their style reminds me of early Immolation pretty much ("Dawn Of Possession" + "Here In After").
I was searching this Demo like mad and finally saw it on ebay again, nobody bid so that was a good deal for me! And now for all of you so enjoy british Death Metal at its best!
Two of the guys later founded Imperial Empire, a more brutal Death Metal styled band.
You can check their albums elsewhere in other blogs, it's easy to find but not this Demo.


2.Flesh Departed

3.Darkness Spawn Creation

4.Absu Crawling

5.Bled By Infinity


Decomposed - Ego Sum Lex Mundi Demo 91 (re-up)

Thanx will go to Kat Shevil for resaling this tape to me exclusively some months ago, yes I now got the original copy so I made a better quality rip than the first post on this blog of death!
Enjoy the one & only Decomposed from England, HAIL!
You can check their first Demo "Sermons Of Morbidity" in lockjaw-yappy (do a search in the up left corner...)

01.Burials - Dying Diseased
02.Infectious Growth


dimanche 28 septembre 2008

Baron - Reborn In Revenge Demo 99

I did a mistake when I reviewed this in issue #666, page 73 of my fanzine, I printed the name as Barrow instead of Baron, this was due to my best friend (R.I.P.) who badly wrote their name onto the paper whilst doing tape-trading and I didn't check to verify, I was on a hurry as it was featured among the last news before printing!
So I rectify this mistake now in paying homage to this excellent Evil Death Metal band from Germany featuring Jumpin' Jesus drummer, B. Ferdula.

1.Born in revenge

2.Downfall of the Cross

3.Der Kampfgeist

4.Seven Years in Chains


Baron - Demo 2003

Just added this on metal-archives this weekend as nobody seemed to care about this or probably never heard they had this Demo out in 2003, excellent Evil Death Metal featuring Jumpin' Jesus drummer as usual.

1.Der Kampfgeist


3.Reborn In Revenge


5.Rise Of The Black

Demo 2003

Baron - Rehearsal

No further infos about when this rehearsal was recorded probably between their two Demos (1999 and 2003).
I also added this in metal-archives as additional notes, if someone can provide more infos that would rule of course!
This is a great Evil Death Metal band from Germany featuring Jumpin' Jesus drummer.

01.The Arrival Of The Elder Dynasty (5:54)
02.Downfall Of The Cross (5:37)
03.666 (5:33)
04.Schwadrons (3:16)


Jumpin' Jesus - Demo 90

I have just added this on metal-archives this weekend as their two Demos "Live Wire" 89 and "Braincramps" 91 were just mentioned in additional notes as additional discography.
Actually I don't know if that is the Brain Cramps Demo 91, I only have the info that this is a 1990 Demo. The title Brain Cramps features in the tracklist so if any of you have some infos and maybe the cover artwork, just use the c-box as usual, thanx & enjoy this awesome German band:

01.Intro/Out Of The Unknown
02.Brain Cramps
03.Burnt Offerings
04.Cloning The Future

Demo 90

dimanche 21 septembre 2008

Ceremonium - Demo 93

Here's the Demo, recorded some months after the 7" below, worth listening as I said:

01.Unveiled Tears Of Utter Anguish.mp3
02.A Fading Cry For Repentance.mp3
03.Our Mourning Forever Shrouds.mp3

Demo 93

Ceremonium - Nightfall In Heaven 7"EP 93 Necroharmonic

Here's after a request I saw on, the extremely great 7" by Ceremonium, I'll soon post their Demo too as I think this is worth a listening!
Enjoy Death/Doom like it was meant to be 15 years ago!

01.Incarnated Entity
02.Drowning In Despair And Darkness