dimanche 28 septembre 2008

Baron - Reborn In Revenge Demo 99

I did a mistake when I reviewed this in issue #666, page 73 of my fanzine, I printed the name as Barrow instead of Baron, this was due to my best friend (R.I.P.) who badly wrote their name onto the paper whilst doing tape-trading and I didn't check to verify, I was on a hurry as it was featured among the last news before printing!
So I rectify this mistake now in paying homage to this excellent Evil Death Metal band from Germany featuring Jumpin' Jesus drummer, B. Ferdula.

1.Born in revenge

2.Downfall of the Cross

3.Der Kampfgeist

4.Seven Years in Chains


3 commentaires:

  1. In 1999 or 2000 I got this compilation called "Eternity Underground Music Compilation #9". It was probably part of some metal zine; I just got the CD. I can't even remember where or when. Anyway, the first track on that CD was "Born In Revenge". Loved it instantly. Never found any further info on Baron, let alone other tracks. But the name was stuck in my head. So 10 years later this comes up. Awesome find. Thanx dude!!

  2. Wow, that's great, I enjoy your comment coming from a truly dedicated undergrounder, thanx this makes my blog worth continuing with extreme Metal rarities, keep yourself away from god!

  3. This was what I meant... Way better than 2003 since then they had a killing drummer... Raul...