mardi 30 septembre 2008

Symphony Of Grief - Demo 93

There's been a while I had this in my mind, it is now time for exorcising S.O.G. as it was one of the rare bands having this heavy crumbling vibe of Death/Doom/Grind in the veins of Immolation, Incantation, Necrotion and Disembowelment, having a drum-machine added to their music an apocalyptic vision, also having John Litchko (lead guitar of Necrotion/Perverseraph) in the line up forced my utter admiration!
They first had this Demo out under the name Cerberus then changed to Symphony Of Grief.
The last news I had in early 2000s was from Andy Markert (Bass/Vocals/Percussions samples) and a supposed reunion album was scheduled but to this day never happened...
I have seen this Demo posted in another blog but the intro was missing so here it is fully ripped from the original by myself, so enjoy again or discover now the true sound of apocalyptic despair and darkness!

1.Infernal Creation

2.Assimulation Of Souls

3.Cerebral Hemorage

Demo 93

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