samedi 25 avril 2009

Godless Truth (Czech) - Promo Tape 97/98

Here's the two songs promo that was later released as bonus on The Desperation cd version, here's a rip from the original tape (note that the two tracks are contained in one single file)

02.Don't Believe

Promo 97-98

vendredi 24 avril 2009

Godless Truth (Czech) - The Desperation Promo 95 LORD MARK BLACK

Seems that not so many people ever noticed that the cd version later released by Deadsun recs failed during the pressing of the album tracks as two of their songs were respectively repeated twice & three times, of course many fools in blogs just uploaded this same shameful mistake from the cd so here's the correct & fully recorded version from the promo tape to all of you frustrated technical Death Metal maniacs & listeners:

02.Lost In Yourself
03.Hope For The Life
04.There's No God
05.Individual (instr.)
06.Doors Paradise
07.Deceptive Beauty Part I
08.Deceptive Beauty Part II

The Desperation

Godless Truth (Czech) - Another Disease Demo 94

This is the first logo by this now brutal & very americanized Czech band, at the time of this Demo, they played a raw Death Metal with some originality & skills, I couldn't find the cover artwork if there is any...

02.Doors To Paradise
03.Inhuman Feeling
04.Another Disease


jeudi 2 avril 2009

Abhorrence (Bra) - Triumph In Blasphemy Demo 99

Extreme Death Metal at its finest & truest way of speed evilness!
This is so intense that you'll play it over & over again!
Go to this MySpace for listening samples of their other releases.
Re-released as a 4 way split on Relapse recs called "Brazilian Assault", here's actually a tape rip of this awesome compilation:

01.Triumph In Blasphemy
02.Hellish Annihilation
03.Abhorer Existence


Abhorrence (Bra) - Ascencion Demo 97 WILD RAGS

One of the most killer Death Metal bands Brazil has to offer, thanx EVILDEAD for requesting this, I had immense pleasure at re-listening to this one! Here's the Wild Rags version for extreme quality rip:

01.Reborn To Vengeance
02.Communication With The Deads
03.Horde Of The Demons