dimanche 28 juin 2009

Drawn And Quartered (Usa) - Beware: Necro! bonus CD 2007 MORIBUND

This was coming along the Merciless Hammer Of Lucifer album and contains the Crusaders Of Blasphemy promo 2002 + unreleased & unused materials as follows:

01.Bloodbath Communion - (rec. july 2003 for cancelled Split 7'' release)
02.Vengeance Of The Unholy Inquisition - (unused Extermination Revelry bonus track)
03.Slaughter The Disciples - (rec. july 2003 for cancelled Split 7'' release)
04.Predatory Strangulation - (unused rough track from same session)
05.Kill For My Master - (Crusaders Of Blasphemy Promo, rec. july 2002)
06.Worshippers Of Total Death - (Crusaders Of Blasphemy Promo, rec. july 2002)
07.Show No Mercy (Slayer cover) - (Crusaders Of Blasphemy Promo, rec. july 2002)
08.Vengeance Of The Unholy Inquisition - (Crusaders Of Blasphemy Promo, rec. july 2002)
09.Crusaders Of Blasphemy - (Crusaders Of Blasphemy Promo, rec. july 2002)

Beware: Necro!

Drawn And Quartered (Usa) - Promo 98

Five tracks Promo out on pro tape without cover and two lyrics sheets, this was also ripped from the original by myself and truly contained 5 tracks, different versions than the final first album "To Kill Is Human" out on Moribund, enjoy again true Death Metal Eternal:

01.Ministry Of Torture
02.Machete Bloodbath
03.The Hills Run Red
04.To Kill Is Human
05.Broken On The Wheel

Promo 98

samedi 27 juin 2009

Drawn And Quartered (Usa) - Demo 96

First Demo by Drawn And Quartered, I had the original but sold it some months ago after ripping it but I forgot scanning the cover, so if someone out there can provide a bigger scan that would be great as Drawn And Quartered is one of the greatest US Death Metal bands today, enjoy:

01.The Hills Run Red
02.Open Mind
03.Implements of Hell
04.Carnal Copulation
05.Christian Extinction
06.Broken On the Wheel
07.Mangled Beyond Recognition
08.Ministry of Torture

Demo 96

lundi 1 juin 2009

Fear Ritual (Bra) - MCD 95 WILD RAGS

Another request by DOOMFORMATION (thanx for the unholinks in the c-box!)
Excellent Brazilian Death Metal, enjoy true Death Metal the way it has to be:

01.Weeping Death
03.Eternity's Defy

MCD 95

Epitaph (Usa-Fl) - Demos 91-92

Here after a request by DOOMFORMATION, the two Demos by this Floridian band recorded at Morrisound studios and produced by Tom Morris 1991 & Scott Burns 1992 (backing vocals by John Tardy on the song "I Endeavor").
Note: these two Demos were out on the same single tape as A & B sides.
Enjoy the golden age of this eternal style now, excellent request so to say!

A-side - Demo 91:
01.I Endeavor
02.Once Removed
03.Transgression Of Dreams

B-side - Demo 92:
04.Quantum Of Solace
Demos 91-92