samedi 15 janvier 2011

Sufficide (Fra) - Material Thrown Out Demo CD-R 98

After a request in the c-box since the link to their tape version is no more, here's the self-made cd-r including the 1996 Demo + some bonus tracks from previous recordings:

1.Conformative Living Process03:05
2.Material Thrown Out03:08
3.Mutilating Violation03:21
4.Libidinal Regression03:19
5.Vindictive Misanthropic Tale03:11
6.Primitive Invading02:31

7.Putrescent Growth02:29
8.Ultimate Punishment03:45


samedi 1 janvier 2011

Wish you all a great... ILLHeaven! 666

As of now you can hear myspace playlist: