jeudi 10 novembre 2011

Bloody Sign (Fra) - The Third Escape 7"EP 2008 BLOOD HARVEST

There's been a while I didn't post some awesome releases, on the other hand it's becoming rather difficult to post something that hasn't been uploaded yet... new blogs are popping up but no one has ever posted this before, so here it is now!
I was looking for this 7" for so long as it's completely sold-out by now and I failed to buy my own copy when I saw it from a distributor at a killer gig, just figured I could buy it later... NO WAY!!! Shame on ME!
I must (& you all must too) thank Kalevi Uibo (Guitar) for accepting to send this release through megaupload including high resolution scans and lossless .wav files
Enjoy it now fully with kind permission:

1. Act I: The Will of Nature
2. Act II: The Will to Adore
3. Act III: The Will of Nothingness

The 3rd Escape

samedi 5 novembre 2011

Compilation Of Death 'Zine #2 (no download, BUY OR DIE!)

Two unreleased interviews of Robert Cardenas (Coffin Texts) and Sharon Bascovsky (Derkéta) made by myself ten years ago are now officially published through Compilation Of Death Zine #2 from Chile, thanx to Nathaniel Colas for this opportunity! An impressive + excellent read, to all Death Metal maniacs of the world: be sure to email & check part I & II of this over 220 pages heavy & unholy issue, ††† DEA†H ME†AL E†ERNAL ††† 666!