mardi 27 octobre 2009

Eulogy (Can) - Three Dead Sheep Tape EP 93 BODY BAG

I have updated this Demo through metal-archives and I thought it would be cool to share it here too, cool Death Metal band from Canada:

01.Three Dead Sheep
02.All Lock Unlocking Key

Three Dead Sheep

dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Requested Sufferings (Hol) - The Incantatrix Demo 91

Requested Sufferings was a damn raw & heavy growling down tuned Death Metal band from Holland.
They changed name to Sarcoom and recorded a 6 tracks Demo in 1992, this is damn worth a listening, requested by Adam in the c-box.

01.The Incantatrix
02.Eternal Tragedy
03.Search For Extension
04.Seduction To What Can't Be Obtained
The Incantatrix

jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Nefas (Ita) Promo 2005

Thanx to Jan of Transcend Webzine Eternal Death Metal Brother for sharing it now as we all here are awaiting a supposedly new album by these Italian fellows for years, so enjoy this promo stuff by now in case you didn't have the chance to listen to this awesome Death Metal obscurity:

01.Dust of Centuries
03.Keeper of Forbidden Worlds

Promo 2005

Eterne De Sade (Usa) Ancient Regime EP 95

Find here some posts about an excellent Floridian brutality under the name of Eterne De Sade, this EP was also released as a Split Tape with Killing Addiction (see other posts below).
Actually I don't have any cover artwork for this as I got the tracks on cd-r from one of the band member so I only posted the logo here...
You can visit their myspace for more infos & enjoy some crushing Death Metal:

01.Dimension Of Points
02.Unconscious Communion
04.Spiritual Decay
05.Final Habitation


Eterne De Sade (Usa) The Age Of The Darkened Sun Demo 98

01.Wash In Blood
02.Of Sorrow
03.Eternal Sleep
04.Thorn In The Flesh

The Age

Killing Addiction - Eterne De Sade (Usa-Usa) Split Tape 95

Killing Addiction (Dark Tomorrow EP 95) side:
02.Ashes Of Civilization
05.Dark Tomorrow

Eterne De Sade (Ancient Regime EP 95) side:
06.Final Habitation
07.Unconscious Communion
09.Dimension Of Points
10.Spiritual Decay

Split Tape

Eterne De Sade (Usa) Beyond The Mind's Eye Demo 94

01.Beyond The Mind's Eye
02.Spiritual Decay
03.Extracted From Divinity