jeudi 10 novembre 2011

Bloody Sign (Fra) - The Third Escape 7"EP 2008 BLOOD HARVEST

There's been a while I didn't post some awesome releases, on the other hand it's becoming rather difficult to post something that hasn't been uploaded yet... new blogs are popping up but no one has ever posted this before, so here it is now!
I was looking for this 7" for so long as it's completely sold-out by now and I failed to buy my own copy when I saw it from a distributor at a killer gig, just figured I could buy it later... NO WAY!!! Shame on ME!
I must (& you all must too) thank Kalevi Uibo (Guitar) for accepting to send this release through megaupload including high resolution scans and lossless .wav files
Enjoy it now fully with kind permission:

1. Act I: The Will of Nature
2. Act II: The Will to Adore
3. Act III: The Will of Nothingness

The 3rd Escape

samedi 5 novembre 2011

Compilation Of Death 'Zine #2 (no download, BUY OR DIE!)

Two unreleased interviews of Robert Cardenas (Coffin Texts) and Sharon Bascovsky (Derkéta) made by myself ten years ago are now officially published through Compilation Of Death Zine #2 from Chile, thanx to Nathaniel Colas for this opportunity! An impressive + excellent read, to all Death Metal maniacs of the world: be sure to email & check part I & II of this over 220 pages heavy & unholy issue, ††† DEA†H ME†AL E†ERNAL ††† 666!

vendredi 13 mai 2011

Ritual Suicide (Jap) To Nothing Demo 98

I have just submitted this band through metal-archives as it wasn't featured yet, completely original yet Dark Death Metal with clean & distorted guitars, morbid Death grunts just the way I like it to be done, in other words this belongs to my blog completely, here it is for share to all of you unfamiliar with this gem, enjoy:

01.To Nothing
02.Throbbing Shadow

To Nothing

jeudi 3 mars 2011

Merde (Usa) Demo 98 AVITCHI recs

This is a very rare and limited edition to 100 Demo according to what I could have read over the internet, well it is said to have a member of Skeleton Of God according to the metal-archives, I have the original tape and nobody already shared this yet so here it is mainly because I personally think it's musically brilliant and the name of the band will make all french guys smiling :) As I said in the review from my defunct zine: "Merde is the shit!"

1.Orgy at the Goatroast

2.Opal Hill Mining Disaster of 1911

3.Lotus of Babalon

4.Shadow Under the Web

5.Engine Guatama

6.Black Rose of Hate and Narcotics


vendredi 4 février 2011

Entrapment (Usa) - Dismembered Redeemer Demo 93

Here's a request from Fleshvore after reading my old review, the only Demo by this excellent Death Metal band, I ripped this from an old dub tape but the sound is good enough to bang your head on it, you can also find their Promo 92 from Raf666underground blog and be ready to break your neck in two:

02.Massacre of the Angels
04.Dismembered Redeemer
05.Perpetual Unholiness


samedi 15 janvier 2011

Sufficide (Fra) - Material Thrown Out Demo CD-R 98

After a request in the c-box since the link to their tape version is no more, here's the self-made cd-r including the 1996 Demo + some bonus tracks from previous recordings:

1.Conformative Living Process03:05
2.Material Thrown Out03:08
3.Mutilating Violation03:21
4.Libidinal Regression03:19
5.Vindictive Misanthropic Tale03:11
6.Primitive Invading02:31

7.Putrescent Growth02:29
8.Ultimate Punishment03:45


samedi 1 janvier 2011

Wish you all a great... ILLHeaven! 666

As of now you can hear myspace playlist: