samedi 30 octobre 2010

Liquid Of Life - Death Metal Fanzine all 6 issues in one archive!

To all those interested to read my old fanzine, here's the link that is heavy enough to capture all the issues of Liquid Of Life - Death Metal Fanzine + old flyers scans as jpeg format!
Will you have the spine to read more than 900 reviews in this Halloween night???

Issue #1 - 14 pages - free newsletter, test print with bonus pages + 6 pages final version, carried by some underground distros - 300 copies distributed along with issue #2

Issue #2 - 10 pages - free newsletter carried by some underground distros - 300 copies distributed with issue #1

Issue #3 - 10 pages - 127 reviews - 500 copies sold out.

Issue #4 - "4th Massive Deliverance of Horrific Scriptures" - 22 pages more than 200 reviews, ints with Repudilation & Inhumate. 300 copies sold out

Issue #5 - "The Fifth Finger In The Hand Of Death" - 68 pages - 302 reviews - ints with Disgust (Fra), Diabolic (Usa), Disgorge (Mex), Damnable (Pol), Uncreation (Spa), Intense Hammer Rage (Tasmania), Fermento (Spa), Martire (Aus), Ossuary Insane (Usa), Krisiun (Bra). 221 copies sold out.

Issue #666 - "Apocalyp-666" 78 pages - nearly 450 reviews - ints with Anoxia (Usa), Carnal Feelings (Fra), Centurian (Hol), Cryptopsy (Can), Cyanosis (Usa), Deranged (Swe), Dichotic (Can), Fate (Fra), Intervalle Bizarre (Czech), Kaamos (Swe), Mental Horror (Bra), Nile (Usa), Profanity (Ger), Christophe Szpajdel (Bel), Withered Earth (Usa). 200 copies sold out.

Complete Zinography 1995-2000

dimanche 17 octobre 2010

Disgust (Fra) - Inquisition Demo 97

One of the best Demos from a french band that I have ever experienced, I remember when I bought this at the time, I had a pre-listening by phone from the owner of the distro and was hooked instantly! Still today this is an excellent listening experience, Death Metal this way of old Cannibal Corpse and with a more obscure approach... Technical & brutal stuff well produced by Stéphane Buriez of Loudblast:

1.Epileptic Ascendancy


3.A Nursery Tale

4.Soiled Child Hood

5.Ill Fitting Society


Dominus (Chile) - Kur Promos 95-97

There's been a while I didn't rip from a cd, I had some difficulties to remember how to do it but here I only extracted the tracks that are interesting to discover: the "Kur" promo tracks from Chilean Dominus that later became Dominus Xul!
I suspect some mistakes in the tracklist & years of recording such as track 12 mistaken for 13 and tracks 6-9 seemed to be the 1995 homestudio rehearsal (rough mix take 1) instead of tracks 10-13 that sounds more achieved like recorded in 1997 at Radiografica studios (studio direct mix)... being not 100% sure and as the infos printed are quite contradictories, I tried to correct all mistakes (see scans above), and if this seems to be incomplete, just buy it because it's still available, I ordered my copy from sickbangers distro in Chile, ha!