mercredi 23 septembre 2009

Top 10 downloads from DME!

I figured it would be cool to all of you to let you know the most downloaded files from this unholy blog of Death, (yes I like stats!) and I'm proud to announce that the winner is the Asphyx bootleg with 330 downloads also excellent to see Hatewave reaching 200 clicks of interests for their extremely killer & kick ass Demo! Old stuffs aren't really dead that's for sure now, keep yourself tuned on what's coming on here by subscribing to posts (Atom), thanx everyone for interests & long live true Metal Of Death:
Hail ††† DEATH METAL ETERNAL ††† 666 ††† Only Death Is Real †††

dimanche 20 septembre 2009

Sternomastoid (Fra) - Festering Meals Rehearsal Demo Nov. 92

Here's a very underground stuff, the band only released this rehearsal Tape that was available against a few stamps back in time, I ordered the tape for a friend's radio show to give it some airplay but never happened so here it is now, that was a Grind/Death influenced band revealing influences from Repulsion and Sinister as they claimed themselves. It wasn't groundbreaking but some riffs stayed in mind for years & years, so fans of gore stuffs might like this:

01.Intro (In Corpse) - Splattered Heads
02.Intro (Disembowel) - Unseen Mutilation


Sickness (Ger) - Wintersturm Tape LP 96 MAD LION

This is kind of a compilation of their two previous Demos "Endzeit" and "Excess" with a better sound production and a bit different title for some tracks.
The band had a real album "Verbrannte Erde" out on Folter recs in 1995, this was more in the Black Metal vein than the personal style they used to play & create with the Demos.

01.Weg Der Erkenntnis
02.Eat Your Enemies
03.Dance Of Immortality
06.How The Ghosts
09.Birth Of A.


Sickness (Ger) - Endzeit Demo 94

On this one, the band opted for more black elements but stayed true to their roots of Grind/Black/Death and the song "Eat Your Enemies" is resounding again in my head 15 years after, enjoy for yourself:

01.Weg Der Erkenntnis
02.Eat Your Enemies
03.Dance Of Immortality


Sickness (Ger) - Live Chaos Live Tape 94 WITCHCRAFT (rec. Live at H.O.T. Sept. 25th 1993)

01.Birth Of The Antichrist
02.Please Sister, Rape This Pope
04.How The Gods Sinned
05.Epidemic Of Stupidity
06.V-Core Song

Live Chaos

Sickness (Ger) - Excess Demo 93

Awesome underground band from Germany, probably not so many people are familiar with their tunes, the song "Blind" is just excellent and featured on Requiem: Morbid Symphonies Of Death CD Comp 1993 out on Exhumed recs that's what made me addict enough to check the full Demos then, enjoy this uncommon Grind/Death/Black assault in your mind:

03.How the Ghost's Sinned
04.Epidemic Of Stupidity
06.Birth of Antichrist
07.Rape The Pope


Sickness (Ger) - XXX Demo 93 #2 (July '93)

I don't know the exact date for this one probably a promo tape for the second Demo 93 but nothing sure yet, if someone can find the correct infos about it, leave a comment, thanx:

03.How The Ghost's Sinned
04.Epidemic Of Stupidity


mercredi 9 septembre 2009

Necrosis (Usa-NY) - Eternally Hanging Dead Demo 93 (also named Necrosys)

This band called Necrosis or Necrosys was from New York and performed some very good brutal Death Metal tunes, there is a myspace page for infos but no music available and it hasn't been updated for one year so if you liked Torture Krypt, old Pyrexia and Internal Bleeding, this is for you to check out now, thanx goes to the guy on Soulseek for sharing this one:

01.Cadaveric Mutilation
02.Blood Of The Holy
03.Esculant Cadaveric Ashes