samedi 27 décembre 2008

Sufficide (Fra) Promo 97

Actually I don't know if this Promo is complete, I have only two tracks...:

02.Libidinal Regression

Promo 97

Sufficide (Fra) - Material Thrown Out Demo 96

3rd and last Demo, more achieved Death/Grind sound similar to Blood, Mythic & Rottrevore.
It was later re-issued on cd-r by the band with 4 bonus tracks taken from the previous Demo 94 and an unreleased Promo 97.
Here is of course the Tape version:

01.Material Thrown Out
02.Conformative Living Process
03.Mutilating Violation
04.Libidinal Regression


Sufficide (Fra) - Putrescent Growth Demo 94

Second Demo of crushing brutality & heaviness, I finally found the cover art, enjoy:

1.Putrescent Growth

2.Ultimate Punishment

3.Forgotten Conspiracy

4.Vindictive Misanthropic Tale


Sufficide (Fra) - Cranial Cremation Demo 93

Here's the first Demo by this damn strong Brutal Death Metal band hailing from France. Probably most of you never heard of this unknown demo band.
Fans of Mythic & Rottrevore can find here some more low tuned crushing heaviness:

1.Humane Grills

2.Senseless Devastation

3.Cranial Cremation

4.Postmortal Way


mardi 23 décembre 2008

Fatal (Usa) - Somber Souls bootleg CD-r MASTERCULT

This was a request by a very good friend of mine (Hail Steph!)
Bootleg cd-r made & sold by Dave Rotten of xtreem music
Includes tracks from:
- A Somber Evocation Of Nihilism 7"EP 90
- Soul Burns Demo 89
- Molested Slaughter Demo II 88
- Guts For Dinner Demo I 88
- Live in Detroit, MI 03-03-90

I figured it would be interesting for some more people, so here it is:


vendredi 19 décembre 2008

Cremation (Can) - Hail The Rise Of Med Pe Gal Demo 94

3rd Demo even more powerful than before, the sound was so apocalyptic and the tunes so deadly & sordid...
Thanx to Isma for suggestion of uploading this truly cult band! Fans of Necrotion, Infester, Father Befouled & Symphony Of Grief might adore this one too!
Again ripped by myself from the original tape, enjoy:

01.Inverted Menstrual Brides Of Black Defiance
02.Infernal Baptismal Of The Chosen One


Cremation (Can) - Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Ialpor Demo 93

2nd Demo from the cultest Canada's best kept secret, completely different from the first Demo, probably changed their logo because of the new musical direction, they truly found their own way and sound in heavier blackness, dirty, raw & filthy occult twisted Metal.
Find here why bands like Father Befouled exists...!
Fans of Necrotion, Symphony Of Grief and Infester might adore this too.
Ripped by myself from the original tape, enjoy their utter obscurity:

01.The Moon, The Mist, & Baphomet
02.Black Cloud Landscape Of Infernal Indulgence


samedi 13 décembre 2008

Repudilation/Disfigured (Usa/Usa) Split 7"EP 97 NUMB CUM

Completely heavy Brutal Death groove from Repudilation. The tracks listed here were later reissued on CD, enjoy it from the vinyl itself only 200 copies were made:


04.Hopeless Existence

Split 7"

lundi 8 décembre 2008

Viogression (Usa) - Execution Demo 90

I don't have it complete as the fourth track missed here (Survival Denial) and since nobody is able to find nor rip it from the original, here's what I got in my old tape trading business.
Maybe someone can share a link to the Perception Blur other demo by this awesome band?



3.Nothing (Psychosomatic Insanity)


Brainstorm (Usa) - Ultraviolent Raids Demo 92

After checking my old tape trading collection, I realized that I was requesting stuffs that I already have, it's not easy to get old believe me...
Here's Brainstorm featuring Joshua "Jagger" Heatley - vocals, bass (Infamy) (R.I.P. 5th March 1998)
Mario Guiterrez - guitar (Engrave (US)) (R.I.P. 22nd November 2007, murdered)
Adrian Villanueva - guitar
Emilio Marquez - drums (Asesino, Engrave (US), Nokturnal Fear, Coffin Texts, Brujeria, Sadistic Intent)

So you all know now why I was requesting this band's Demos that most of us knew from the tracks featured on the fantastic The Heralds Of Oblivion comp CD 93.
I have no cover art for this as it was simply recorded onto a tape many years back, the sound is decent that's why I decided to share it here in wait for someone who can rip it from the original or why not the Insanity Unleashed demo and Rupture the Soul demo...

1.Russian Roulette

2.Domestic Violence

3.Ultraviolent Raids

4.Storm Of Obliteration

5.Insanity Unleashed