vendredi 19 décembre 2008

Cremation (Can) - Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Ialpor Demo 93

2nd Demo from the cultest Canada's best kept secret, completely different from the first Demo, probably changed their logo because of the new musical direction, they truly found their own way and sound in heavier blackness, dirty, raw & filthy occult twisted Metal.
Find here why bands like Father Befouled exists...!
Fans of Necrotion, Symphony Of Grief and Infester might adore this too.
Ripped by myself from the original tape, enjoy their utter obscurity:

01.The Moon, The Mist, & Baphomet
02.Black Cloud Landscape Of Infernal Indulgence


1 commentaire:

  1. thanks a lot for this fucking demo!!! it kicked the shit outta me as well as the other two demos! merci beaucop et viva la france!!!