samedi 27 décembre 2008

Sufficide (Fra) Promo 97

Actually I don't know if this Promo is complete, I have only two tracks...:

02.Libidinal Regression

Promo 97

Sufficide (Fra) - Material Thrown Out Demo 96

3rd and last Demo, more achieved Death/Grind sound similar to Blood, Mythic & Rottrevore.
It was later re-issued on cd-r by the band with 4 bonus tracks taken from the previous Demo 94 and an unreleased Promo 97.
Here is of course the Tape version:

01.Material Thrown Out
02.Conformative Living Process
03.Mutilating Violation
04.Libidinal Regression


Sufficide (Fra) - Putrescent Growth Demo 94

Second Demo of crushing brutality & heaviness, I finally found the cover art, enjoy:

1.Putrescent Growth

2.Ultimate Punishment

3.Forgotten Conspiracy

4.Vindictive Misanthropic Tale


Sufficide (Fra) - Cranial Cremation Demo 93

Here's the first Demo by this damn strong Brutal Death Metal band hailing from France. Probably most of you never heard of this unknown demo band.
Fans of Mythic & Rottrevore can find here some more low tuned crushing heaviness:

1.Humane Grills

2.Senseless Devastation

3.Cranial Cremation

4.Postmortal Way


mardi 23 décembre 2008

Fatal (Usa) - Somber Souls bootleg CD-r MASTERCULT

This was a request by a very good friend of mine (Hail Steph!)
Bootleg cd-r made & sold by Dave Rotten of xtreem music
Includes tracks from:
- A Somber Evocation Of Nihilism 7"EP 90
- Soul Burns Demo 89
- Molested Slaughter Demo II 88
- Guts For Dinner Demo I 88
- Live in Detroit, MI 03-03-90

I figured it would be interesting for some more people, so here it is:


vendredi 19 décembre 2008

Cremation (Can) - Hail The Rise Of Med Pe Gal Demo 94

3rd Demo even more powerful than before, the sound was so apocalyptic and the tunes so deadly & sordid...
Thanx to Isma for suggestion of uploading this truly cult band! Fans of Necrotion, Infester, Father Befouled & Symphony Of Grief might adore this one too!
Again ripped by myself from the original tape, enjoy:

01.Inverted Menstrual Brides Of Black Defiance
02.Infernal Baptismal Of The Chosen One


Cremation (Can) - Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Ialpor Demo 93

2nd Demo from the cultest Canada's best kept secret, completely different from the first Demo, probably changed their logo because of the new musical direction, they truly found their own way and sound in heavier blackness, dirty, raw & filthy occult twisted Metal.
Find here why bands like Father Befouled exists...!
Fans of Necrotion, Symphony Of Grief and Infester might adore this too.
Ripped by myself from the original tape, enjoy their utter obscurity:

01.The Moon, The Mist, & Baphomet
02.Black Cloud Landscape Of Infernal Indulgence


samedi 13 décembre 2008

Repudilation/Disfigured (Usa/Usa) Split 7"EP 97 NUMB CUM

Completely heavy Brutal Death groove from Repudilation. The tracks listed here were later reissued on CD, enjoy it from the vinyl itself only 200 copies were made:


04.Hopeless Existence

Split 7"

lundi 8 décembre 2008

Viogression (Usa) - Execution Demo 90

I don't have it complete as the fourth track missed here (Survival Denial) and since nobody is able to find nor rip it from the original, here's what I got in my old tape trading business.
Maybe someone can share a link to the Perception Blur other demo by this awesome band?



3.Nothing (Psychosomatic Insanity)


Brainstorm (Usa) - Ultraviolent Raids Demo 92

After checking my old tape trading collection, I realized that I was requesting stuffs that I already have, it's not easy to get old believe me...
Here's Brainstorm featuring Joshua "Jagger" Heatley - vocals, bass (Infamy) (R.I.P. 5th March 1998)
Mario Guiterrez - guitar (Engrave (US)) (R.I.P. 22nd November 2007, murdered)
Adrian Villanueva - guitar
Emilio Marquez - drums (Asesino, Engrave (US), Nokturnal Fear, Coffin Texts, Brujeria, Sadistic Intent)

So you all know now why I was requesting this band's Demos that most of us knew from the tracks featured on the fantastic The Heralds Of Oblivion comp CD 93.
I have no cover art for this as it was simply recorded onto a tape many years back, the sound is decent that's why I decided to share it here in wait for someone who can rip it from the original or why not the Insanity Unleashed demo and Rupture the Soul demo...

1.Russian Roulette

2.Domestic Violence

3.Ultraviolent Raids

4.Storm Of Obliteration

5.Insanity Unleashed


dimanche 30 novembre 2008

Eternal Hatred (Usa) - Vengeance From The Grave Demo 94

This is my answer to Raf666 as he posted the two other releases by this band, here's the first Demo and a great one, appeals to all fans of early Vital Remains, pure & true Death Metal, enjoy this frozen christ...:

02.Seconds Like Hours
03.Vengeance From The Grave
04.Final Holocaust


samedi 29 novembre 2008

Awful (Ita) - Absolute Reign Promo 99

This truly extreme thing belongs to my blog completely, fans of Portal (Aus) and old Nuclear Death (Usa) will find here another great dose of intense Death Metal speed & full-on wall of sound, a brutal package, apocalyptic!
This is a jewel, enjoy these two promos now and if someone can provide a link to their Calvary Demo 95, well you're welcome!
Also visit this myspace for one more track.

01.Reevocation (Through Regret)
02.Absolute Reign
03.Along The Blood


Awful (Ita) - Cerimony Promo 97

02.Ghost Above


vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Exmortis (Usa) - Bloodless project, 3 cover songs from tribute CDs, Instrumental Rehearsal 07-89 + Live Budokan 92

Let's start with the Bloodless project, as far as I know these two songs were uploaded on a few years back.
They were later featured on the Necrotic Visions CD-R under the Exmortis monicker but seems that nobody ever saw this release yet after ordering it, maybe things will change soon...
At last it seems that these songs were also part of "The History Of Things To Come" Comp CD (pass: necrosanct666) thanx to the guy who uploaded this but there's again "The Unforbidden" to find out! Bands included are: Shockwerks, Dr. Shrinker, Bloodless, Expulsion, Num Skull, Phantasm, Matricide, Prime Evil, Mortal Dread, Iron Warrior.
Visit Exmortis if you wish more infos.

The Exmortis rarities archive contains:

Bloodless tracks:
Necrotic Visions
Silence Of Darkness

Exmortis cover songs from Tribute CDs:
Breathe (Ministry cover)
God Of Emptiness (Morbid Angel cover)
Baptized In Blood (Death cover)

Exmortis Instrumental rehearsal 07-89 from "Fade From Immortal Chaos" bootleg CD-R Mastercult:
The Unforbidden
Awakening Of Sin

Exmortis Live Budokan 92 from their MySpace site:
Butchers Of The Final Frontier
Existing To Devour The Worms
Warhead (Venom cover)

Of course if you have more about Exmortis you can upload and send the unholinks!
As for now enjoy this as I spent many time compiling all of these tracks:

Exmortis rarities

Judecca-Horror Of Horrors (Usa-Usa) The Evil Is Born-Old Burnt Church Road Split 7"EP 94

Again a very rare item, both songs were taken from their first CD release but here's a rip from the vinyl itself, enjoy:

01.Evil Born
02.Old Burnt Church Road (instrumental)


jeudi 20 novembre 2008

Judecca (Usa-Fl) Scenes Of An Obscure Death MCD 93 WILD RAGS

Awesome Floridian Death Metal band, always loved their raw production more than anything else, that's pure & true underground!
Could someone upload their "Eternal Rest" Demo 92?
(*the 3 last tracks are from that Demo but the 4th missed called "Lifeless"...)

1.The Realm

2.Unspeakable Acts

3.Bodies Found

4.Evil Born

5.Left to Die


7.*Cannibalistic Urge

8.*Religious Decay

9.*Eternal Rest


samedi 15 novembre 2008

Hellbound (Spa) - Gravelust MCD 96 WILD RAGS

Here after request, the last release from this Spanish Death Metal band, you won't find this anywhere else, enjoy:

1.Searching For A Female Corpse

2.Mental Psychopathic Deformity

3.Human Organs Manipulation



dimanche 9 novembre 2008

Excrescent (Usa) - Convulsing Eviscerations Demo 93

Second gory Death/Grind/Industrial Demo by the Riddick brothers, these guys were involved in several other bands & projects (click here for more infos).
Also legendary Mark Riddick's artworks can be visited here.
I'm still in need of their first Demo "Food For Worms" if someone has it... you know what to do!
You can also visit Mark's myspace page.

01.Ingesting The Dead
02.Intestinal Intercourse
03.Macerated Pile Of Corpses
04.Grinded Pulp
05.Vomitus Contractions


vendredi 7 novembre 2008

Violent Fury (Usa) - various tracks from Frozen Dawn comp CD 97 + tracks from official website

I'd like to pay homage to this very underground NY band now, I'm in search for their Unchallenged Hatred Demo 92, if someone has it, send the unholink immediately!
The archive uploaded here includes the following titles:

Comp tracks Frozen Dawn II comp CD 97:
01.Decapitate The Nazarene Son
Comp tracks Frozen Dawn III comp CD 97:
01.Occult Ritual
02.Channeling The Satanic Hordes
03.Religions Denial
tracks from official website:
01.Desecrate The Catholic Church
02.Burn The Holy Scriptures
03.Imancipate The Black Souls

Violent Fury

Angel Corpse (Usa) - Goats To Azazael Demo 96 + 4 bonus rehearsal tracks

This is the other version of this legendary Demo with inverted colored cover that includes 4 rehearsal tracks (no dates for these).
Enjoy true, total, Extreme Death Metal at the speed of light the most evil way with godly solos, belongs superbly to DME!

01.Perversion Enthroned
04.Lord Of The Funeral Pyre
05.When Abyss Winds Return (Reh track)
06.Envenomed (Reh track)
07.Perversion Enthroned (Reh track)
08.Black Solstice (Reh track)


Messe Noir (Usa) - Demo 96

Another piece of underground satanic ritual with this unholy Demo by Messe Noir, non-repetitive Metal as they labelled themselves which is true.
Don't ask me for their MCD, it's available from other blogs, just do a search for it.


2.Heralds of Pestilence

3.Passage to Tchort

4.Messe Noir

Demo 96

jeudi 6 novembre 2008

Excruciating Pain (Usa) - Promo 94

Many of you already knew this band from their album "Thou Shall Choose" out in 1992.
Here in France I had seen their CD countless number of times in second hand record shops. Probably victim of the atmospheric/gothic trends that happened at that time, I always asked myself and still today why the hell people get rid of such awesome crushing Death Metal band???
They recorded 2 demos the Blasted Lands and Cybercore according to their myspace page so if someone has balls enough to share links to these uploads...
It's now time to listen to this Promo 94, so enjoy this last trace of Death!

1.Limited Life

2.Flowing Through

3.Dying Vision

4.The Spawn

Promo 94

Fallen Christ (Usa) - Demo 92

Here after a request of isma in the c-box, this is a great idea to pay homage to this band which is also one of the countless numbers of my favorites of all times, thanx isma for the idea.
Let's start with their first Demo from 92, I managed to find a full version with good quality rip, enjoy to hell or die in pain:

1.Burn of the Altar

2.Legions of Suffer

3.Altar of Pain

4.Slave to Evil

5.World of Darkness

6.Heaven in Flames

Demo 92

mercredi 5 novembre 2008

Fallen Christ (Usa) - Infernal Majesty Demo 93

Second Demo by this satanic unholy band from the states, if someone can upload their Abduction Ritual Demo 94 (click here and here) with their live Wetlands, NYC 07-22-93 that will be awesome for any fans of absolute Death Metal, Hail Satan! Also if someone can provide full scans of the cover arts that will be heaven much appreciated...!

1.In The Name Of Satan

2.Gate Of Sacrifice

3.Book Of Shadows

4.Ceremony Of Stifling Air

5.Damned Immortality

6.Infernal Majesty


dimanche 2 novembre 2008

Kingdom Of The Lie (Pol) - About The Rising Star Tape EP 94 LION

If you liked early Immolation materials, this is for you! Plenty of haunting riffs & lead guitar by Peter of Vader in this tape, this is the first & only release by Kingdom Of The Lie and of course one of my favorites tapes of Death Metal Eternal! DME!

01.We Are The K.
02.Life Is Lie
04.Everlasting Love
05.God Satan Nonsense
06.Kon Dor


Grave (Swe) - Tremendous Pain 7"EP 91 CENTURY MEDIA

A cool and rare 7" by Grave, enjoy this rip from the vinyl itself:

01.Tremendous Pain


Incantation - Thieves Of The Cloth 7"EP 2006 IBEX MOON

Alright, that is the last 7" probably sold out by now so enjoy it again & again...

01.Thieves Of The Cloth
02.Exiling Righteousness


Incantation - Entrantment Of Evil 7"EP 91 Relapse/Rotten version

Ok, I'm a bit boring with my Incantation mania but have you all ever heard of this Relapse/Rotten recs version? Compared to the Demo 90 and the Seraphic Decay release, this one includes a one minute long intro and the songs were remixed Nov. 11th 1990 at Trax East Studios:

02.Entrantment Of Evil
03.Eternal Torture
04.Unholy Massacre
05.Devoured Death


Mordeth (Bra) - Dimension Of Death 7"EP 92 WHIPLASH

First 7"EP by Mordeth, this was reissued as bonus tracks on their first full-length album called "Lux In Tenebris", here you got a rip directly from the vinyl of course!
The band later changed their logo and recorded a MCD called "Cybergods" in 1995 and a second full-length called "Animicide" in 2001, awesome band, one of my all times favorites, check their myspace as they're still alive and working on "Roboticdreams" the next full-length, Hail Death Metal Eternal!

01.15 Seconds To The Death
02.Dimension Of Death
03.Sand (Welcome To Extinction)
04.Pollution (Early Death)


Mordeth (Bra) - Demo 90

First Demo of this totally underground Death Metal band from Brazil that not so many people are familiar with, probably due to the lack of promotion and the Sepultura/Krisiun trends made them falling to oblivion...
This one reflects exactly the true Death Metal concepts in my opinion, so enjoy this extremely rare item now:

01.Pollution - Early Death
02.Nuclear Hell
03.In Direction Of Nothing
05.Concentration Camp

Demo 90

dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Hardware (Mex) - Tape LP 90

This is the tape that has been called Cyber Death Demo, actually it wasn't even meant to be a Demo but I'll always consider this as a Tape album due to the professional print, originality and length of 28mn. Ok it was recorded in two days with a 8 channels mixer, but having a raw production doesn't mean that your music sucks, so listen to this and enjoy it fully:
(for more infos see previous post)

01.The Unknown
02.Skatological Encounter
03.The Ultimate Solution
04.Start To Think
05.Seasons Of Belief
06.Unortodox Sight
07.Cyber Death
08.Even Death Can Die

Cyber Death

Hardware (Mex) - Souls Vortex 7"EP 92 Innsmouth

You won't find more original Death Metal than this, dark ambiences & atmospheres filled their very personal way of "Cyber Death Metal". Everything ruled in this release in every aspects! Too bad they never had a full-length out except for their Demo 90 (see next post!) that lasts 28mn long.
Also a Live recording exists from 1992, click here for very small infos, can someone upload this here?
Also check out this blog from Hardware and their two official myspace:

+ interview found here

01.Chants Of Evil - Further The Hills Of Dreams
02.Cybernetical Illusion - Souls Vortex


vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Transgressor/Impetigo (Jap/Usa) - Primitives Split 7"EP 99 Bloodbath/Macabre Mementos

Some more Transgressor tunes recorded live can be heard here on this Split 7", let's go:

Impetigo tracks Recorded Live June 5th, 1988 @ The Gallery in Normal, Illinois
01.HBO Theme/Who's fucking who?
02.My Lai
03.Jane Fonda sucks

Transgressor tracks recorded live from 1992 to 1994 (can someone mention the exact dates?)


Transgressor (Jap) - Morbid Brochus 7"EP 91 Morbid Symphonies

Very good Death Metal band from Japan, actually probably the best from over there with Maggoty Corpse, Desperate Corruption and Intestine Baalism, can someone post their first Demo "Transmigration" from 1989?
Also looking for this gig: (Live) TRANSGRESSOR - live yanta japan 2 11 92
The rapidshare link mentioned in the comments was dead but I just hope some people had the chance to download this and will re-post soon...



mercredi 22 octobre 2008

Afterbirth (Usa-Tx) Cloned Reacurrences Demo 94

This is a damn obscure band as they aren't even mentioned anywhere, I reviewed this in issue #1 of my fanzine back in 1995 after buying it from an underground distro but it was probably out one or two years before as their sound truly makes me think of an early 90's american band, very similar to Necrotion, Symphony Of Grief, Infester with some twisted Gorguts sonorities, Evoken and Winter noises..., at least, there are already 3 american bands submitted in metal-archives but none of them had this logo nor the Cloned Reacurrences Demo in their discography (spit!).
The only infos are availables here and on the original cover (above) showing their logo and the title of the Demo, no date, no tracklist, no line-up & no address for this one...unbelievable! Is the title actually the two songs titles...?
A complete mystery that haunts me for too long now! So at this day & age of internet communications, if someone on this swarming globe can provide more infos to finally include this band in the right place it deserves: HAIL DEATH METAL ETERNAL!!!

Finally found a trace for the release year of 1994 here

Track-01 5:56
Track-02 4:43

Cloned Reacurrences

samedi 18 octobre 2008

Disinter (Usa) - Storm Of The Witch Demo 96

Excellent old stuff by this pure Death Metal band, still active today as far as I know.
Note that Purulence (Can) also used this same artwork for their Inverted Decay 7"EP out on Adipocere recs in 1992.

1.The Calm Before

2.Storm Of The Witch

3.Only To Suffer

4.Tortures Of The Damned

5.Escape Thru Pain

6.The Place Of Bones


Umbilical Strangulation - Sexually Mutilated MCD 97 Wild Rags

Don't know if some people were searching for this but here it is:

01.Spontaneous Human Combustion
03.Love Not Life
04.Corpse Fucking Lunatic
05.Fetal Death


Umbilical Strangulation - Disruptive Abortion Demo 96

Here after some requests in the c-box of others, great stuff so to say!

01.Rotting Fascination
04.Fetal Death
05.Corpse Fucking Lunatic


Putrefaction (Usa) - Rotted Vagina Grind Demo 96

Here after some requests, the one & only Demo by this "band":

01.Homo-Anal Wreckage
02.Crucifixion Of A Slut
03.The Rectum Room
04.Ejaculate With Shit
05.Vasectomy Mishap
08.Vaginal Impalement


vendredi 17 octobre 2008

Neuropath (Aus) Nefarious Vivisection Demo 95

Finally here, thanx to Robert for uploading this first Demo by Neuropath for me, I was searching this for too long and I'm sure many other guys were looking for this rare to find Demo, also find their second & last release out on Warhead recs uploaded here in ancient posts of this blog, enjoy:

01.Nefarious Vivisection
02.Masticated Cadaver
03.Vulgar Rebirth
04.Rectal Pulpation


vendredi 10 octobre 2008

Martire (Aus) Promo 95

This is a very rare promo, if someone can provide more infos that would be cool!
It is my answer to raf666underground, thanx for providing the 90 Demo 2 of this awesome band!

01.Murder God
02.Drill Demon

Promo 95

Sickness (Usa) Torture Of Existence Demo 94

Once again after request, I have made a decent rip as it wasn't from the original tape so here it is (the two bonus tracks later ended on their Ornaments Of Mutilation MCD 95):

01.Bodily Entombed
02.Marriage of The Flesh
03.Torture of Existence
04.In Disgust
05.Deceased (bonus track)
06.Necrosick (bonus track)