vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Exmortis (Usa) - Bloodless project, 3 cover songs from tribute CDs, Instrumental Rehearsal 07-89 + Live Budokan 92

Let's start with the Bloodless project, as far as I know these two songs were uploaded on a few years back.
They were later featured on the Necrotic Visions CD-R under the Exmortis monicker but seems that nobody ever saw this release yet after ordering it, maybe things will change soon...
At last it seems that these songs were also part of "The History Of Things To Come" Comp CD (pass: necrosanct666) thanx to the guy who uploaded this but there's again "The Unforbidden" to find out! Bands included are: Shockwerks, Dr. Shrinker, Bloodless, Expulsion, Num Skull, Phantasm, Matricide, Prime Evil, Mortal Dread, Iron Warrior.
Visit Exmortis if you wish more infos.

The Exmortis rarities archive contains:

Bloodless tracks:
Necrotic Visions
Silence Of Darkness

Exmortis cover songs from Tribute CDs:
Breathe (Ministry cover)
God Of Emptiness (Morbid Angel cover)
Baptized In Blood (Death cover)

Exmortis Instrumental rehearsal 07-89 from "Fade From Immortal Chaos" bootleg CD-R Mastercult:
The Unforbidden
Awakening Of Sin

Exmortis Live Budokan 92 from their MySpace site:
Butchers Of The Final Frontier
Existing To Devour The Worms
Warhead (Venom cover)

Of course if you have more about Exmortis you can upload and send the unholinks!
As for now enjoy this as I spent many time compiling all of these tracks:

Exmortis rarities

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  1. Hello there!!
    I have this great compilation that you want.
    How can i upload it for you?
    Oh...I just found out...
    Here it is :

    pass : necrosanct666
    Keep up the great work you do!!

  2. Many thanx, I have updated the post to this link as well for other people to check out.