mercredi 5 novembre 2008

Fallen Christ (Usa) - Infernal Majesty Demo 93

Second Demo by this satanic unholy band from the states, if someone can upload their Abduction Ritual Demo 94 (click here and here) with their live Wetlands, NYC 07-22-93 that will be awesome for any fans of absolute Death Metal, Hail Satan! Also if someone can provide full scans of the cover arts that will be heaven much appreciated...!

1.In The Name Of Satan

2.Gate Of Sacrifice

3.Book Of Shadows

4.Ceremony Of Stifling Air

5.Damned Immortality

6.Infernal Majesty


2 commentaires:

  1. hail man... thanks for the upload. i do love fallen christ. got their "infernal majesty" demo from the band, but it has white and black cover. they rule!!!

  2. thanx, can you do a scan of your white & black cover, it interests me, thanx again