mardi 26 mai 2009

My old Death Metal project re-worked, ready to listen!

It is now time for me to unleash the complete four tracks "Demo" I had running through my head & written more than ten years ago, this time I was too lazy to record the guitar myself but the result with guitar pro 5 RSE is so amazing and of course tighter than my capabilities, anyway I assume that I can play all riffs since they were all created and written by me.
So find here four tracks of true Death Metal madness the way it must be made according to me, only digital guitar & drums transformed to mp3 for the moment but any suggestions are welcome and if someone can record real drums parts for me that would be cool, I can provide .gp4 tabs for it if needed, also if someone can put some dark synths at the end of the last track that would just be fine too, and I'll nearly have it done since the spine is here... enjoy, or not!

Song1 5:05
Song2 3:37
Song3 4:57
Song4 4:15


vendredi 15 mai 2009

Beyond Fear (Uk) - Haunted By Visions Of A Third Atrocity MCD 97 UTOPIAN

"This CD contains the most extremely brutal and violently fast death metal music you will probably ever hear"
So true, three songs for almost 30mn that gives you what to expect: true DEATH METAL ETERNAL!!!
This was out on the band's own label to promote themselves but unfortunately no other bigger label shown interest, probably too uncommon & extreme Death Metal savagery at the time it gets released, this caused the band's death...
Hear what other ears can't hear now:

01.Eternal Storms Of Hate
02.Where No Reality Reigns
03.Enchanted By Mortal Fears


jeudi 14 mai 2009

Xenomorph (Usa) - Sub Species Demo 93

Here's the Demo by this american band featuring Diabolic Possession and Nasferatu members.
Far better than the dutch one in my opinion.
You can take a listen to their Empyreal Regime, excellent debut full-length at this myspace page.

02.Phosphoric Coagulum

Sub Species

Ripped Apart (Usa) - Severed Limbs Demo 97

A member of Karnarium asked me about listening to this band many years ago when he sent me their first Breaking the Manakles of Malkuth Demo 2000 for review, so here it is with its magnificent Death Metal intensity (better now than never!):

01.Intro - Body Parts
03.Dead In The Water
06.Vile Discharge


Nasferatu (Usa) - For The Blood Is Life Tape EP 93 WILD RAGS

I know that you can find it elsewhere in other blogs but I had already thought about to rip the original tape with cover & lyrics so here it is again, some members played in Xenomorph as well.

01.For the Blood is Life
02.Surrealistic Visitations
03.Fortress of Solitude
04.Empires Crumble

For The Blood

My Sovereign (Fra) - Demo 97

Again a good kept secret from France, now it's time to enjoy this truly obscure Death Metal band that makes me think of old Decrepit and Kingdom Of The Lie.
I used to meet the vocalist a couple of times, quite a cool guy indeed, if you read this just write me in the c-box, old-school bro'!

01.Architects Of Nothingness
02.Bliss In Demise
03.As Hope Becomes Ashes
04.Under Your Frozen Shadow

Demo 97

Medium (Cuba) - Gods' Perdition Demo 93

These guys released another Demo under the Cronos monicker prior to this awesome Demo which I like more than their debut full-length called Blinder out in 2001 on American Line prods.
The tracklist was different than mentioned on the printed cover, here's the correct order.
Some members also formed another band simply called Blinder too.
Enjoy this truly underground masterpiece:

02.Funebre Epilogue (re-worked cover version of Entombed' Supposed To Rot)
03.Crowning With Thorns
04.Lord Of Plague & Fever
05.God's Perdition
06.Depravation In The Garden (Exordium) (instrumental)

Gods' Perdition

Manticore (Aus) - Burrowers Tape EP 94 WARHEAD

Awesome as nearly all Australian bands of the 90s, you can't get wrong with this trademark of original extremities, this was a foretaste to Integrating The Extreme CD 96 out on Warhead.
Can someone provide a link to their Ignominious Dominion Demo 92? Merci!

02.Of No Consequence
03.Raining Blood (Slayer cover)


Malicious Hate (Usa) - Bring Forth Hate Tape EP 95 GRINDING PEACE

One of the rare bands to use the snare drums so intensely at the time, this way of old Cryptopsy!
Enjoy utter brutality!

01.Onward Through the Battlefields
02.Descend the Fallen Angel
03.In The Name Of Hate
04.The Kill (Napalm Death live cover)

Bring Forth Hate

Flesh Feast (Can) - Fate Of Hated Flesh Demo 97

First Demo of this canadian band that crushed & killed me in no time!
Get more tunes from their first CD on Myspace if you dare...!

01.Molten Horror
02.Pattern Forming
03.Tormented By Incarceration
04.Stimulated By Cunts In Agony
05.Unmarked Graves

Demo 97

Deteriorate (Usa) - Demo 92

That's pretty exciting for me to show this Demo out of my dark cellar, yes that same band that released the Rotting In Hell bloody CD 93 on JL America, no comments, enjoy:

01.Agonized Display
02.Shadows of Death
03.Decomposed Anatomy
04.Beyond the Grave

Demo 92

CorpseVomit (Usa) - Gathering Chemical Children Demo 94 PISS LOURDE

Another important Demo in my eyes was this one by CorpseVomit from Usa, just listen and be the judge:

01.Battered, Stuffed And Stitched
02.Heavy Head Demise
03.His Dead...
05.Gathering Chemical Children


Clamor (Fra) - Demo 99

Another french band that stayed unknown for some reasons, of same caliber as Sufficide but more achieved music, listen now:


Demo 99

Beyond Fear (Uk) - The Taste Of Red Impuriy Demo 94

Thanks to Hamed from Iran for finding this jewel of a first Demo from this english band!
Can someone provide a .jpg of the cover art?
No words to explain my thought, enjoy it now!

01.Enter The Green Wood (intro)
02.Extreme Butchery
03.Behold The End
04.Bloodsoaked Womb
05.Rearranged Face
06.Once At Peace (outro)

Taste of Red

Beyond Fear (Uk) - Dreaming Of Pure Carnage Demo 95

Second Demo, extremely great Uk band that never got the recognition it deserved, I'll post the third soon, promise!
Enjoy true Death Metal that no other bands can do today:

01.Dreaming Of Pure Carnage (Instrumental)
02.Prayer Before Birth
04.Torn From Within
05.Games Of May (Instrumental)

Pure Carnage

Amid Pain (Usa) - Endure The Suffering Demo 98

Raw Abrupt Death Metal as they labelled themselves on some old flyers, this fits perfectly in my opinion, actually no title tracks were printed on the cover, I just copied the ones availables on metal-archives, enjoy this raw suffering:

01.Amid Pain
02.Barbaric Ways
03.Break Free
04.Nightmare In Effect