mardi 26 mai 2009

My old Death Metal project re-worked, ready to listen!

It is now time for me to unleash the complete four tracks "Demo" I had running through my head & written more than ten years ago, this time I was too lazy to record the guitar myself but the result with guitar pro 5 RSE is so amazing and of course tighter than my capabilities, anyway I assume that I can play all riffs since they were all created and written by me.
So find here four tracks of true Death Metal madness the way it must be made according to me, only digital guitar & drums transformed to mp3 for the moment but any suggestions are welcome and if someone can record real drums parts for me that would be cool, I can provide .gp4 tabs for it if needed, also if someone can put some dark synths at the end of the last track that would just be fine too, and I'll nearly have it done since the spine is here... enjoy, or not!

Song1 5:05
Song2 3:37
Song3 4:57
Song4 4:15


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