jeudi 14 mai 2009

Medium (Cuba) - Gods' Perdition Demo 93

These guys released another Demo under the Cronos monicker prior to this awesome Demo which I like more than their debut full-length called Blinder out in 2001 on American Line prods.
The tracklist was different than mentioned on the printed cover, here's the correct order.
Some members also formed another band simply called Blinder too.
Enjoy this truly underground masterpiece:

02.Funebre Epilogue (re-worked cover version of Entombed' Supposed To Rot)
03.Crowning With Thorns
04.Lord Of Plague & Fever
05.God's Perdition
06.Depravation In The Garden (Exordium) (instrumental)

Gods' Perdition

2 commentaires:

  1. please post Medium`s cd "blinder". Hail from Peru

  2. No full-length will ever be posted here, do a search and you'll find it through other blogs.