mercredi 27 août 2008

Liquid Of Life Death Metal 'zine issues 5 and 666 (.pdf)

Thanx to Jan of Transcend webzine for transforming my two last issues as .pdf files (you all need to have Acrobat Reader installed, it's free)
Better for printing and reading:

Issue 5

Issue 666

dimanche 24 août 2008

Experiment Fear - Fool's Paradise Demo 93

Here's the second Demo of Experiment Fear requested by Yappy again, enjoy bro'!

01.Intro - Existence Denied
02.Jester of the Anxious
04.In Extremis
05.Judgement of the Dead (Fool's Paradise) - Outro


lundi 18 août 2008

Experiment Fear - Choir Invisible Demo 91

Here's the first Demo of Experiment Fear (USA) now here in after a request from Yappy
This old Death Metal Demo features Jeff Loomis of Nevermore.
Thanx to bestialwarluster666 for sharing this on Soulseek.

2.Lost In The Ruins03:25
4.Black Plague03:43
5.Choir Invisible01:48
6.Shallow Disbelief03:21
7.Synthetic Procreation03:55


vendredi 15 août 2008

My old project!

Well, after all those uploads, I figured it was a great idea to share some of the music I had created myself in years of Death Metal devotions.
Since I just recently re-listened with my old DM friend to my sole track recorded semi-professionally at home in february 2004, I now offer everyone the chance to listen to it and leave your opinion in my c-box if you really feel the need to do so!
Here's the guitar & computer drummings madness flowing out of my own vision of Death Metal music, this was written between 1995 & 1998 but only recorded in 2004.
I still have 3 other tracks written & ready to record but it has not happened yet, so maybe after some comments from people in the scene, I'll get fueled enough to restart this old project 666% Death Metal oriented.
I was (& still am!) very influenced by first Immolation & french Massacra albums as every of you already know if you get in touch with me for some years now!
Enough blablabla, listen & judge now: (don't forget to leave your comments in my c-box!)
Drums-Guitar Song1 pro.mp3

mardi 5 août 2008

Torture Krypt - Demo 93

Here's the first Demo by Torture Krypt, I have finally found a decent rip & full version of this one so enjoy or die a brutal death!



3.Cadaverous Fragrance

4.Evince The Apocalypse

5.Seduction To Suffering

Demo 93

dimanche 3 août 2008

Torture Krypt - Bestial Mutation Demo 94

Here's the second Demo by this NJ band, enjoy its groovy Brutal Death style, a must listening to!
One of the member now plays in Dim Mak, excellent band too!

01.Intro - Bestial Mutation
03.Rotted Remnants