vendredi 15 août 2008

My old project!

Well, after all those uploads, I figured it was a great idea to share some of the music I had created myself in years of Death Metal devotions.
Since I just recently re-listened with my old DM friend to my sole track recorded semi-professionally at home in february 2004, I now offer everyone the chance to listen to it and leave your opinion in my c-box if you really feel the need to do so!
Here's the guitar & computer drummings madness flowing out of my own vision of Death Metal music, this was written between 1995 & 1998 but only recorded in 2004.
I still have 3 other tracks written & ready to record but it has not happened yet, so maybe after some comments from people in the scene, I'll get fueled enough to restart this old project 666% Death Metal oriented.
I was (& still am!) very influenced by first Immolation & french Massacra albums as every of you already know if you get in touch with me for some years now!
Enough blablabla, listen & judge now: (don't forget to leave your comments in my c-box!)
Drums-Guitar Song1 pro.mp3

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