mercredi 16 janvier 2008

Decomposed - The Funeral Obsession MLP 92 The Record Label

Two-tracks maxi single vinyl by the UK's masters of dooming underground Death: Decomposed
01.At Rest
02.Spawn Of Maternal Cadaver

mardi 15 janvier 2008

Stargazer/Invocation - Harbinger/H.A.S.T.U.R. Split CD 1999 Dies Irae

Extremely great & rare Split CD of two original Australian underground Metal bands.
3 members of Invocation now play in Portal.
H.A.S.T.U.R. means: Horrific Ancient Sumerian Traditional Ursurpurs Remembered...

Stargazer (Aus)
1.Conquer / Perennial Fire 03:53
2.Totalitarian Worm Holes 02:10
3.Lust in Pyramis 04:11
4.Conspirators Wind 03:24
5.Interrestrial Black Twilights 02:44
6.Abstract Flames Burn White 02:55
7.Outro 1:52
Invocation (Aus)
8.Draeconis 03:30
9.Rebirth of Chaos 01:51
10.Divert Divination 02:39
11.Homage Eternal04:02
12.Death Shall Awaken... 02:49

Total playing time 36:00

Fallen Angel - Embraced By Shadows Promo 1993

Here's the previous band of Solhverv members:

Fallen Angel Promo 93 from Denmark (Death Metal)

1.Destroy the Sanctuary05:06
2.Darkness Prevails02:55
3.Embraced By Shadows03:59
4.Shepherd of the Hopeless03:59
Total playing time15:59

Thanx to Valeskald now in Blodfest for the link!

lundi 14 janvier 2008

Solhverv - Gravlandets Vogtere MCD 1995

Here's a very rare Demo by Solhverv (R.I.P.) from Denmark.
The MCD "Gravlandets Vogtere" was never really officially released.
The record label ripped them off back then, but they have been spreading it around themselves as a Demo.

01.Gravkammerets Gru
02.Blodig Haevn
03.Under doedens grumme svoebe
04.Maanens skygge

"The cd is no longer for sale, but it would be great if it wont be forgotten." said Valeskald/ Blodfest (and Solhverv, r.i.p)
So here it is for all of you that might be interested by this very original band:
Thanx to Valeskald now in Blodfest for the link!

samedi 12 janvier 2008

Diabolic-Behemoth Live Nov. 666th 2002 Rennes l'Ubu

This show was also filmed by myself, rather good sound for a killer night of Cult Evil Death Metal in France-Rennes.
3 weeks later my first son is born, so it's an excellent souvenir to me!
I'm sure many will share this intense pleasure I had that night!
Featuring Rob Cardenas of Coffin Texts (bass/vocals)
Old-schoolist Christophe Szpajdel was also there that night in the crowd (hail bro'!)
Again, you'll have to burn all folders/files onto a cd-r as it's a VCD format.
For those who want the Behemoth gig, I can't provide it as my battery was low after Diabolic played so you only have to find it elsewhere as I suppose some fans were also filming that band too.
Destroyer 666 were supposed to play that same night but they had to cancel because of family member's problem.
Enjoy this now!

jeudi 10 janvier 2008

Immolation - Promo 1994

As if that wasn't enough, here's the most rare of the Promos I got in the underworld, less than 75 copies were made to be sent for labels & mags... Non-dolby recording... Enough said, enjoy this!

lundi 7 janvier 2008

Kaamos - Antaeus Live 17-05-2003 Paris Gibus VCD

Kaamos legendary first gig in France with Antaeus! first part second part third part
Uploaded on youtube with kind permission of Konstantin.

Filmed by myself on the right of the scene (horns up on the picture above), hail to all those who were there, enjoy!