lundi 14 janvier 2008

Solhverv - Gravlandets Vogtere MCD 1995

Here's a very rare Demo by Solhverv (R.I.P.) from Denmark.
The MCD "Gravlandets Vogtere" was never really officially released.
The record label ripped them off back then, but they have been spreading it around themselves as a Demo.

01.Gravkammerets Gru
02.Blodig Haevn
03.Under doedens grumme svoebe
04.Maanens skygge

"The cd is no longer for sale, but it would be great if it wont be forgotten." said Valeskald/ Blodfest (and Solhverv, r.i.p)
So here it is for all of you that might be interested by this very original band:
Thanx to Valeskald now in Blodfest for the link!

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