mercredi 30 avril 2008

Cremation (Can) Welcome Demo 92

First Demo of cult canadians Cremation. Thanx to the guy of Revenge for giving me an original copy at the Angelcorpse/Arkhon Infaustus/Revenge/Inkisitor show in Nantes yesterday.
As it is a really hard to find Demo, enjoy this excellent quality rip by now!

1.Laborious Funeral
2.Welcome to the Crematorium
4.Child Meat

samedi 12 avril 2008

Deteriorot - The Faithless Demo 2003

Once more very rare, hard to find release, no comments, enjoy!

1.Apocalyptic Holy War
2.The Phantoms Cry
3.The Faithless
4.Into The Abyss Of Lonliness
5.Restless Spirits

vendredi 11 avril 2008

Psychic Pawn -Wake Of Entity Demo #2 1992

Excellent old-school Death/Thrash Metal band, find in this Demo "Perils Of Deformity", a track not featured on their Disgorged Suppuration 7" and Decadent Delirium full-length.

1.Somniferous Putrescence
2.Cholera Morbus
3.Perils of Deformity


Brutality - Demo 2003

Hard to find release by this godly Floridian Death Metal band, enjoy!
1.As Darkness Falls
2.I Deny
3.Ashes and Snow