dimanche 29 mars 2009

Devilry (Fin) - Rehearsal March 2k2

"Since their formation in late 1998 the mission of Devilry has been to create storming sonic savagery with lyrical content to match the ferocity and extreme nature of the music."
Here's kind of an official rehearsal by one of the most killer band from Finland, this has these old-school riffings that you can hear in the first two Massacra albums (influenced by old Kreator riffs) but with more extreme raging vocals & speed, no bands play like that nowadays so this belongs perfectly to my blog: DME!
Also be sure to check all of their other Demos & eps, Split eps... they now have a full-length out and it's a pure underground bomb, BUY OR DIE!
Go to their official site if you doubt...

1.Lightning War

2.Vengeance Unfolds

3.Vermincineration (Fukked Version)

4.Spiritual Flagellation


6.Tormentor (Kreator Cover)

Reh March 2k2

Unearth (Usa) - Malformed Cranium Demo 94

Requested by Goatgrind in the c-box, someone has also provided a link to the "Spill The Plagues" Demo 95, thanx dude!


2.Malformed Cranium

3.Animated Corpses

4.Within the Ruins

5.Dismemberment... Artist of the Flesh


mardi 10 mars 2009

Dekapitator (Usa) - Live at the Covered Wagon Saloon on 03-04-2001

I ripped this some years back when it was only available as streaming listening on a web site which I can't remember the name...
Enjoy 32:09 of Head Splitting Metal (sorry I didn't split the tracks at that time, just do it!):

Dekapitator Live at the Covered Wagon Saloon on 03-04-2001

dimanche 1 mars 2009

Dum-Dum Bullet (Fra) LP 86 SYDNEY MUSIDISC

Here's the sole album by these frenchmen located to my ex-area, damn this is a very rare item of high value as it was out on vinyl and never reissued, amateurs of Trust and Vulcain might find something of high interest here, especially the first track... a classic!
I'd like to dedicate this to a very special girl that introduced me to this band when I was 15 at school, and I got in touch with her again after 20 years of silence: a huge french kiss to you Mat'!
Also requested by Metal Demo Maniac of Lockjaw

1.Dum-Dum Bullet
2.Burning Power
3.Smell Of The Night
5.We Are The Virgins
6.She´s a Bitch
7.Let You Down
8.Down Town Love

LP 86

Dum-Dum Bullet (Fra) Emmène Moi En Enfer 7"EP 83 Self-released

Very hard to find, thanx goes to this french guy I contacted after the end of a very high auction on ebay, can't remember your name because it was some years back, sorry...
He was kind enough to compile this along the LP 86 onto one audio CD, now transmuted to mp3 archives by myself for those about to rock... We Salute You!

01.Emmène Moi En Enfer
02.Rock Révolution

Emmène Moi