dimanche 29 mars 2009

Devilry (Fin) - Rehearsal March 2k2

"Since their formation in late 1998 the mission of Devilry has been to create storming sonic savagery with lyrical content to match the ferocity and extreme nature of the music."
Here's kind of an official rehearsal by one of the most killer band from Finland, this has these old-school riffings that you can hear in the first two Massacra albums (influenced by old Kreator riffs) but with more extreme raging vocals & speed, no bands play like that nowadays so this belongs perfectly to my blog: DME!
Also be sure to check all of their other Demos & eps, Split eps... they now have a full-length out and it's a pure underground bomb, BUY OR DIE!
Go to their official site if you doubt...

1.Lightning War

2.Vengeance Unfolds

3.Vermincineration (Fukked Version)

4.Spiritual Flagellation


6.Tormentor (Kreator Cover)

Reh March 2k2

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