dimanche 1 mars 2009

Dum-Dum Bullet (Fra) LP 86 SYDNEY MUSIDISC

Here's the sole album by these frenchmen located to my ex-area, damn this is a very rare item of high value as it was out on vinyl and never reissued, amateurs of Trust and Vulcain might find something of high interest here, especially the first track... a classic!
I'd like to dedicate this to a very special girl that introduced me to this band when I was 15 at school, and I got in touch with her again after 20 years of silence: a huge french kiss to you Mat'!
Also requested by Metal Demo Maniac of Lockjaw

1.Dum-Dum Bullet
2.Burning Power
3.Smell Of The Night
5.We Are The Virgins
6.She´s a Bitch
7.Let You Down
8.Down Town Love

LP 86

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