vendredi 29 février 2008

Brutality - Metamorphosis Demo 91 + 7"EP 92

I have checked a link to this Demo but the sound was waving like if the Tape didn't play well when it was ripped so I decided to upload it myself from the original including the 7"EP that most people named "Sadistic".
If someone out there has the advance Tape version of the 7" that includes 3 tracks instead of only two for the vinyl... Leave a message here!

Metamorphosis Demo 91:

1.Mausoleum Of Infringing Evil
2.The Body Before Me
3.Hideous Mutations

Sadistic 7"EP 92:

2.Spawned Illusion

Get 'em now!

Brutality - Dimension Demented Demo 89

3 songs from this Demo were released on GORE/NUCLEAR BLAST 7" #007

1000 copies pressed on cassette. The actual number of 7" records pressed is
1.Dimension Demented
2.Hell on Earth
3.Lust for Sex
5.My First Night
6.Narcoticous Addictious
7.Frozen Amputee
8.World War III

If someone can provide me a link to their 2003 Demo, that would be great!

dimanche 24 février 2008

Compulsory Live @ Cavirock, Cheviré Le Rouge (FR) 1993

Most unknown Underground Death Grind band, I remember having gone to this gig with my bicycle, maybe 40kms from my parents house...! I have drawn their logo, this is the unfinished version as I did a mistake as you can see... The final version had a skull replacing the "u" mistaken for a "o" but I don't have saved the final version as the band needed it to print a flag for gigs, excellent souvenir to me as when I was finishing the logo, an unholy storming cloud appeared and flooding the earth in no time! It was like the calm after the storm, sure a sign from the gods hehehe!

Drums: Gilles Lemoine
Bass/Lead Vocals: Jérome Hardouin
Guitar/Vocal: José Garreau

vendredi 1 février 2008

Necrotion - Prelude To Apocalypse 7"EP 1992

One of the best 7"EPs out to this day, enjoy!

Prelude To Apocalypse 7":
01.Unimmaculate Conception
02.Birth Of The Unholy Lamb

I have added a two tracks rehearsal to the archive:
This rehearsal had circulated with the second track misstitled: "The Evil One" is actually called "Banished From Paradisus" (Later recorded with PerverserapH). Anyway it's an older pre lyrics version.

Rehearsal 1992:
03.Unimmaculate Conception
04.Banished From Paradisus
Act now!

Necrotion - Fallen Salvation Demo 1991

First two-tracks Demo by these obscure U.S. brutallers
Soon to be reissued by Nuclear Abominations recs.
If someone has the Revel In Decay Rehearsal 91, please leave a message in my c-box, I need it urgently thanx!

01.Revel In Decay