dimanche 24 février 2008

Compulsory Live @ Cavirock, Cheviré Le Rouge (FR) 1993

Most unknown Underground Death Grind band, I remember having gone to this gig with my bicycle, maybe 40kms from my parents house...! I have drawn their logo, this is the unfinished version as I did a mistake as you can see... The final version had a skull replacing the "u" mistaken for a "o" but I don't have saved the final version as the band needed it to print a flag for gigs, excellent souvenir to me as when I was finishing the logo, an unholy storming cloud appeared and flooding the earth in no time! It was like the calm after the storm, sure a sign from the gods hehehe!

Drums: Gilles Lemoine
Bass/Lead Vocals: Jérome Hardouin
Guitar/Vocal: José Garreau

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