lundi 31 mars 2008

Tenebris (Pol) Solitude Demo 92 + Mesmerized Demo 93

The two first Demos of Poland's Tenebris in one archive!
Solitude Demo 92:

1.In Semiramids
2.Minds of Darkness
5.Over Everything Enemy...

Mesmerized Demo 93:

4.Mystery / Abyss
5.Ancient Sadness
6.In Semiramids

mercredi 19 mars 2008

Morbid Angel - The Decline Of Rome (Live at Castello 22/6/91) bootleg 7"EP

01.Lord Of All Fevers And Plague


dimanche 16 mars 2008

Satanized - In Search Of Beyond Tape LP 97 Self-prod

This Canadian band changed the name to Atheretic, but this Tape was far better than anything else they had recorded then. Enjoy their technical Brutal Death Metal, better now than never!
1.Intro -13 -
2.Satan Eye
3.Caught In A Web
4.Somewhere In Existence
5.Wish To Die
6.Dragon Fall
7.Valley Of Chaos
9.In Search Of Beyond

samedi 15 mars 2008

Unholier - Revelations Of SHe'Ohl Tape LP 93 AUDIO Prods

Here's an awesome release by this obscure Death/Black Metal band from Mexico, look in the c-box for their "La Ronde Du Sabbath" first Demo 91, thanx to Vomitchrist for providing me the unholink!

1.Pandemonium's Throne
2.Accursed Ritualis
3.Esoteric Bizarre Somnus
4.Cabalistic Melody
5.Revelations Of She'Ohl
6.Mysterious Gathering

mardi 11 mars 2008

Hideous Corpse - Demented Demo 92

This band later changed to Skeleton Of God, this Demo had only two tracks repressed on a 7" vinyl by Symphonies of Death records.
Those Demo tracks weren't even repressed on the Skeleton Of God discography CD as the band changed name after the release of the 7".
Here's the full Demo version (that's why this blog exists isn't it?):

1.Gallery of Gore

2.Baptized In Pus

3.Autopsy In D

4.Eaten Alive


dimanche 9 mars 2008

Solemn - Exiled Demo 93 + Asaru Brethren Demo 95

Here in this post, find two of the most obscures Demos of the underground made by Solemn.
The complete discography is here, enjoy the darkest Death Metal there is, if you liked bands like Deteriorot, Incantation, Infester... this one's for you & only you!
Also different covers than the ones shown in the metal-archives and the "Exiled" Demo version features the complete nine (short) tracks.
02.Ruptured The Sacred Cervix
03.Exuding Pus
04.Consuming The Baptism
06.Phlegm Bath
07.Pungent Life

1.Awaken Narsose
2.Those Upon The Tree
3.Archaic Icons
5.Cannibal Winter

Maleficarum (Ita) - Demo 97

This was one of the favorite Death Metal band of my now defunct Metal brother, so it is kind of an homage to his memory and this band too because I don't know what happened to Maleficarum then...

I know the existence of a second self-financed album called "Under The Cross" in 2002 but it seems impossible to get a copy of it, if some of you has this CD please get in touch for a dub or an upload so I can finally put my ears onto it, thanx6666!

2.Realm of Blasphemy
3.Mean Symbolic Holiness
6.Into The Labyrinth
7.Circle of The Afflicted
8.Slough of Despair

samedi 8 mars 2008

Hate Wave - Demo 97

The first Demo by Chicago's most Extreme Metal band, only three tracks off this gem were also included as bonus on the CD release of their first & only album in 2000 (originally out on vinyl in 1999), enjoy or die!!!

2.Alien Lizard
3.Evil to Behold
4.Slit the Catholic Throat
5.Untro - Bleed for Me
6.Vodun Goat
8.Never at Peace