dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Hardware (Mex) - Souls Vortex 7"EP 92 Innsmouth

You won't find more original Death Metal than this, dark ambiences & atmospheres filled their very personal way of "Cyber Death Metal". Everything ruled in this release in every aspects! Too bad they never had a full-length out except for their Demo 90 (see next post!) that lasts 28mn long.
Also a Live recording exists from 1992, click here for very small infos, can someone upload this here?
Also check out this blog from Hardware and their two official myspace:

+ interview found here

01.Chants Of Evil - Further The Hills Of Dreams
02.Cybernetical Illusion - Souls Vortex


2 commentaires:

  1. just won this 7"ep from ebay (seller: deathfiend666) but lost the demo tape, "cyberdeath". you rule!! thanks!

  2. Excellent! I've searching this for long time, Thanx.