jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Malediction (Uk) - The Tears That Precede Birth unreleased LP 93

Unofficial release that was circulating through tape trading exclusively, actually it looks like kind of a compilation of all the songs they could have recorded but as it's not sure 100%, I only had to trust the source, no cover just tracklist in this order (I have another version with different tracklist order)

02.Murdered From Within
03.Longterm Result
05.And The Abyss Gazes Also
06.System Fear
07.Mould Of An Industrial Horizon
08.Insect In The Infrastructure
09.Weeping Tears Of Covetousness
10.Doctrines Eternal Circles
11.Framework Of Contortion(cuts)
11.Framework Of Contortion(from the different version but full!)

The Tears

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  1. gracias por el material!
    muy old y under de culto!
    pase por mi blog, hails&thanks!