jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Malediction (Uk) - Demo 92 HEXATEUCTORMENT

This was released by a Chilean label called Hexateuctorment recs.
Released in the UK and elsewhere as the "Weeping Tears" demo.
The original version I have includes a fourth bonus Live track:

1.System Fear

2.Weeping Tears of Covetousness

3.Doctrine's Eternal Circles
*4.Waste (Live Bradford 16-10-92)

Demo 92

2 commentaires:

  1. Cool!!! to see this stuff here, indeed I released this demo (with a couple of friends we did the HT 'zine and also released stuff from Dead (ger), Order From Chaos (us) and Depravity (fin))...I'm really glad to see anybody appreciate this stuff as well as we did, cheers

  2. Really honored to receive a comment from the owner of the label, this was a great release!