mercredi 22 octobre 2008

Afterbirth (Usa-Tx) Cloned Reacurrences Demo 94

This is a damn obscure band as they aren't even mentioned anywhere, I reviewed this in issue #1 of my fanzine back in 1995 after buying it from an underground distro but it was probably out one or two years before as their sound truly makes me think of an early 90's american band, very similar to Necrotion, Symphony Of Grief, Infester with some twisted Gorguts sonorities, Evoken and Winter noises..., at least, there are already 3 american bands submitted in metal-archives but none of them had this logo nor the Cloned Reacurrences Demo in their discography (spit!).
The only infos are availables here and on the original cover (above) showing their logo and the title of the Demo, no date, no tracklist, no line-up & no address for this one...unbelievable! Is the title actually the two songs titles...?
A complete mystery that haunts me for too long now! So at this day & age of internet communications, if someone on this swarming globe can provide more infos to finally include this band in the right place it deserves: HAIL DEATH METAL ETERNAL!!!

Finally found a trace for the release year of 1994 here

Track-01 5:56
Track-02 4:43

Cloned Reacurrences

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