lundi 8 décembre 2008

Brainstorm (Usa) - Ultraviolent Raids Demo 92

After checking my old tape trading collection, I realized that I was requesting stuffs that I already have, it's not easy to get old believe me...
Here's Brainstorm featuring Joshua "Jagger" Heatley - vocals, bass (Infamy) (R.I.P. 5th March 1998)
Mario Guiterrez - guitar (Engrave (US)) (R.I.P. 22nd November 2007, murdered)
Adrian Villanueva - guitar
Emilio Marquez - drums (Asesino, Engrave (US), Nokturnal Fear, Coffin Texts, Brujeria, Sadistic Intent)

So you all know now why I was requesting this band's Demos that most of us knew from the tracks featured on the fantastic The Heralds Of Oblivion comp CD 93.
I have no cover art for this as it was simply recorded onto a tape many years back, the sound is decent that's why I decided to share it here in wait for someone who can rip it from the original or why not the Insanity Unleashed demo and Rupture the Soul demo...

1.Russian Roulette

2.Domestic Violence

3.Ultraviolent Raids

4.Storm Of Obliteration

5.Insanity Unleashed


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